Best 5 Mobile Game Development Tools
Best 5 Mobile Game Development Tools
Previously the gaming app was only part of the desktop, games like Mario was a familiar hit at that time. But now desktop users are utilizing a mobile app to play games.

No matter what global users are into, it is just downright satisfying to experience these Best 5 mobile game development tools. I was really pulled not only did it feature many things, but useful for everyone. Seriously, what’s not to adore here?

It is a proven thing that one of the most used apps is certainly a gaming app. Thereby because of passionate interest in games; mobile game development has become a popular industry niche in the digital market world.

Previously the gaming app was only part of the desktop, games like Mario was a familiar hit at that time. But now desktop users are utilizing a mobile app to play games. Moreover, the full credit goes to the unpredictable growth in the mobile market. It is also said that the desktop has lost its charm due to the introduction of mobile phones.

Currently, mobile gaming and graphics play a key role in mobile game development. So thereby to actively cater to all the gaming development needs, you must have the right kind of tools.

You can experience some of the best game development software, tools or can say mobile game engines utilized by developers that will also assist you to develop appropriate mobile gaming applications.


Unity is the popular cross-platform gaming engine, used to develop 2D, 3D games. It is wholly extended to support 27 platforms. It provides simple and faster ways to develop apps by adeptly offering every resource required. Primarily almost 34% of the mobile games are made with unity apps. They are multi-platform solutions for artists, developers, designers to develop desired gaming app. This Unity gaming engine is familiar with mobile app development that C# with a 45% market share, and actually touches over 600 million gamers across the world.

What Features Make So Special

  • The Unity engine primarily depends on layers where several game objects can be set and those layers could assist developers manage the scalable project.
  • The play Mode in Unity engine is integrated to assist developers in debugging projects fast by running and pausing projects at any time.
  • This is a big asset store; plug and plays with pre-built templates.
  • Similar to other tools, its built-in editor permits you to edit images and organize animations from animator window, audio editing, and particle systems.

Unreal Engine:                    

Unreal engine is the quality engine developed by epic games. It is the top engine to work on a highly sophisticated game with a 3D game engine with salient features like dynamic shadows, physically-based rendering, and custom post-processing, and Unreal powers.

It also provides expertise in Virtual reality and builds games that are wholly supported by several platforms and operating systems with C++ and visual scripting that will assist in-game logic quickly. They are professionally designed especially for first-person shooters, MMORPGs, RPGs, fighting, and stealth games.

Key Features

  • It permits content creators and developers to offer art assets, models.
  • Comprises sounds, environments, code snippets, and other features.
  • This Unreal Engine’s graphical capabilities are far ahead of other tools.
  • Has Hot reload function.
  • It also comprises AI components.
  • Primarily the code is written in C++
  • They have a high degree of portability.


They are open source cross-platform GUI based software that is professionally used to develop gaming apps. It includes detailed documentation, community support and perfect editors in sprite sheet editing, particle, font, and tilemap editing.

They have high efficiency and the game app could have a size up to 1.5 MB. It is due to its library existing resources, the kit is familiar among developers. It works with both Swift and Objective-C and also perfectly supports iOS X. They also support Android through Spritebuilder Android plug-in. More importantly, this SpriteBuilder is a graphical design environment where you could prototype and build games. They also have OpenGL as a rendering engine and Cocos2D is the best framework for working in multiple frameworks.

Important Features Which Makes So Beneficial

  • Includes c#,c++,python, javascript, swift,Lua, Objective C etc.
  • They have the capability to test your app.
  • Offers vast API functionality including sprites, actions, animations, particles, transitions
  • Special Audio libraries.
  • Quality GUI elements

Marmalade SDK

The Marmalade SDK is a popular cross-platform engine game making tool that absolutely uses the c++ code for developing games. It utilises a write-once, runs anywhere concept. Marmalade SDK also permits launching the mobile game in different stores in the shortest period of time. It comprises a set of libraries, documentation, samples, and vital tools to simplify programming, with both 2D and familiar 3D games development.

Salient Features

  • It permits good access to the graphics rendering capabilities either by utilizing the OpenGL API directly or Marmalade SDK layer functionality.
  • Has exporter plug-ins used in app development
  • They have high performance.
  • Includes Open architecture.
  • Good Support for specific capabilities of iOS, Windows, and Android
  • Has top Test simulator.
  • Marmalade Juice game development tool perfectly supports porting of iOS games to Android.

Maya LT  

Maya LT is the best software for 3D modelling and animation that qualitatively permits developing surfaces, the apt skeleton of characters, textures, and environments. It provides Hypershade for textures.

They have cost-effective, fast and efficient app building and are targeted at indie developers. It could be used easily with several game engines like Unreal Engine and Unity3D. They also provide a tool, 3D Paint, offering drawing on the polygon mesh where each object can comprise up to 25,000 polygons.

Features Which Make Special

  • They are equipped with a cross-platform scripting language, namely known as Maya embedded language.
  • It has Node graph architecture
  • Comprise 3D modelling tool
  • Possess 3D animation tools with quality material