Important things to Know About Page Authority (PA)
Important things to Know About Page Authority (PA)
PA is a score that is developed by Moz in order to provide suggestions on how well a certain page will rank ok in targeted searches across the length and breadth of different search engines.

In the era of digital dominance, businesses are always looking at options to leverage IT tools and improve their sales and market share. It's easier said than done, however, as the digital space can often prove to be a very unforgiving space for new businesses. It is thus fundamental for e-commerce outlets both large and small to optimize their presence on various digital platforms. These facets have radically altered the traditional landscape of business operations and many different methods are now employed by business management firms to try and help their clients reach their financial goals as soon as possible.


One of the most important aspects of a good digital marketing strategy involves the knowledge and management ofWhat is Page Authority or PA. PA is a score that is developed by Moz in order to provide suggestions on how well a certain page will rank ok in targeted searches across the length and breadth of different search engines. This is primarily targeted towards enhancing the potential of e-commerce websites to appear more frequently in targeted searches. It is somewhat similar to the concept of domain authority rate and also ranges from one to a hundred in terms of score. The main point of difference between domain authority and page authority is on a technical point. Whereas, domain authority ratings are used to get an understanding of a particular website's ranking in popular search engines,  page authority on the other hand can give businesses invaluable Insight into how individual pages on their website ranks in different search engines.


In this article today we will look at some ways in which you can improve your page authorityrating and ensure that your website web pages appear more frequently across different search engines.


How is a Page Authority scored?


Before answering the question regarding how to increase page authority ratings, it is important to understand some of the metrics through which PA is measured. It is based on a 100 point logarithmic scale and higher scores lead to a better rank. It's also a comparable metric which means that it can be used by business owners to get an understanding of how the website is doing in comparison to its competitors. 


Generally speaking, the scoring of PA is based on 3 parameters. The first of these is a question of trust. Pages that are genuine and free from spam links are generally trusted more and register higher PA rankings. The next thing is the contribution of links to your page. If links are of good quality and well-spaced out, then there is a better chance of a higher PA score. The last thing PA uses to score web pages is timely updates.

Ways to improve page authority for different pages on your website

It's important to acknowledge the fact that page authority of a particular website can be affected by a myriad of different factors. However there are a few things that business owners can do to ensure better page authority rankings for their websites web pages. 

Removing spam comments

Spam comments are one of the biggest problems when it comes to managing the page authority websites for individual web pages. They can definitely have a detrimental effect on the page authority rating of your website. Pages which have more than their fair share of spam comments are usually being targeted through Black hat SEO techniques which are deliberate attempts by third parties to compromise and negatively impact page authority ratings. Make sure to check your website's individual pages for such spam comments and remove them as soon as possible to reverse PA ratings. 

High-Quality Link Building

One of the fundamental ways to boost your page authority rating is by building quality links which can result in much more efficient seo management. Besides, it's always good PR to reach out to other companies who are in the same business and incorporating links to their work can help build a profile of legitimacy and trust among website visitors. 

Make sure to pay attention to where you place your links and how you incorporate them into your content. 

Regular Content Updation 

It's crucial to keep your website updated with fresh content as frequently as possible to help boost your page authority ranking. It should also be a feature of your website to keep your audiences engaged and curious about your brand. 




In this article today we tried to give you some constructive solutions with regard to how to increase page authority. We started off by explaining what pa is and how you can use it to further your digital presence and ensure higher traffic to your website. We also spent some time uncovering the differences between the two concepts of domain authority and page authority. It's important to understand the ways in which modern eCommerce businesses have tried to use these metrics to find better solutions to issues arising in day-to-day business operations.


We also showed you the way in which page authority is measured. Following that we discussed a few basic ways in which you can boost your page authority rankings and allow you to generate higher traffic on your website. We hope that this article was of good use for you and helps you to understand some of the technical aspects of digital marketing. Janbask Digital Design has been in this business for a long time and has managed to help countless businesses to optimize their SEO strategy by taking measures to improve the pa score. The company is ready to take the mantle of any small, medium or even large-sized business when it comes to things like digital marketing strategies and online reputation management.