How to promote your online courses?
How to promote your online courses?
Promoting online courses is difficult since the competition is high. We have written some steps that you can take to promote your online courses against hundreds of other organizations providing similar online courses.

How to promote your online courses?

Promoting online courses is difficult since the competition is high. Covid 19, on the other hand, has levelled the playing field for small and large schools offering online courses in everything from software engineering to cyber security to cloud computing and digital marketing.


Here are some steps that you can take to promote your online courses. Read this article if you don't have unlimited resources to pay for advertising campaigns and Custom Ecommerce Website Development Services.


Carefully choose social media platforms to promote your online courses.

It's essential to think about the social media platforms you'll use to market your online courses. Although this may seem self-evident, it's worth repeating since the social media you use to sell your classroom-based courses may not produce the same level of interaction or reach the correct audience for online learning.


For example, you may have a large Instagram following, but the very visual nature of the platform may make it unsuitable for promoting your online courses. The fact that you can't include links in your postings may restrict the number of leads you create, which might be especially problematic considering how many colleges are scrambling to stimulate interest in new online courses right now. According to recent research, Instagram's audience has shifted their attention to more news-focused social media during the pandemic, resulting in a drop in engagement:


Offer discounts if you bundle your courses.

After you've created a few courses, you may bundle courses closely related by topic and offer them at a discount. For example, if you have three courses that sell for $197, you might bundle them together and offer them for $497 (saving your consumer $94). This encourages individuals to buy many courses from you at the same time.


 Produce Content (Consistently)

The single most important investment that will maintain bringing in prospective students is constant content creation. There should be no mention of sales or promotions in the content. It would help if you informed the general public about your services and showed knowledge in the courses you teach.

You should have no expectations while creating material. When you write and distribute material with an expectation in mind, you're more likely to stop when you don't see "transactional" outcomes, such as increasing the number of students enrolling.


Make Free Courses Available


Don't expect anything when you give free classes to the level that you can. Based on your knowledge, courses designed to educate the general public will be more effective than promotional "free" courses targeted at building a sales process. The outcome will be increased sales and income, but free courses should not be used as a "hook" to attract new students.


Instead, assign one of your "star" teachers to provide one or two complimentary lessons once a week or once a month. Several students who take the free course are more likely to enroll in the premium course.

 Create mother content 


Mother content is videos collected to make hundreds of various kinds of content for various channels, including social media. You may make "Mother Content" in three different ways:


  1. Make a list of your free online courses.


  1. Inviting and interviewing a guest expert


  1. Choose a subject and speak to the camera about it.


Extract clips from the video and share them on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter. Remember to include subtitles! Additionally, you can post the complete video to YouTube.

Translate the video and publish it as a blog post to take it a step further.


Get Reviews

One of the most common reasons individuals pay for online courses is to improve their career prospects. It's essential to have your alumni speak to the camera about their experience and how your course helped them find a well-paying job while advertising your online courses. By paying a referral fee to your graduates, you may turn them into your marketers.



 Promote your instructors


It's critical to include an "Our Team" page on your website so that potential students can know who will be their teachers and how skilled they are. Encourage them to use social media, particularly LinkedIn, to advertise themselves.


Create a YouTube video to promote your online courses.

YouTube is the second most popular search engine, with 30 million daily users. They use YouTube to be entertained, learn, and get information. Some of these people might be your future students in digital marketing. Consider establishing a YouTube channel related to your course after you've learned how to make promotional videos. Your channel will help you promote your activity and keep in touch with your students in the future.

Create a podcast.

Doing a podcast is an effective way to reach out to more people who may be interested in your online courses. The podcast is ideal for auditory learners or travellers who like listening to podcasts in their cars.


Organize a live webinar.

Hosting a live webinar for individuals interested in your subject is one of the most acceptable methods to sell online courses. Share some of your most excellent stuff for free during the webinar. This helps establish you as an authority figure and trust before promoting your course and seeking a sale.

Create many online courses and cross-promote them.

Make a series of courses that covers various aspects of the same general subject. Each course in your "series," like a book series (think Harry Potter), promotes the other courses in the series. Mention that you have more courses on the same subject after each of your online courses. Creating more courses for your present students is never a terrible idea since they are the ones who are most likely to enrol from you again.


Those are some of the best to promote your online course. We've done our part – now it's your turn. Do your researches, create your online course, and choose the best strategy to get it out there.