Businesses and digital marketing
Businesses and digital marketing
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Businesses and digital marketing

Why is digital marketing important for each business? Why has it not become an option in this era? This article shows you why to collaborate with digital agencies in Egypt and develop a digital marketing strategy. 


Let's imagine a case

Imagine that you need to fix your laptop. You seek to communicate with a particular brand that you trust, and you follow the next steps:

  1. Write the brand's name on the Google search page.

  2. Use the keyword "Fixing laptops at (Your city)." 

  3. Check the results on the first page.

  4. Choose a brand name, and search for it on Facebook.


Finally, you find a single page of this brand on Facebook. You sent a message and received no reply for days! Then, you find that the account hasn't been active for several years.


You called the phone number written in the about section but received no response (It may be an old phone number). How do you feel right now?


That brand owners haven't realized the importance of digital marketing yet. Maybe they created social media accounts, but they didn't work on them, and the result is that a potential customer tried to contact them to purchase a service, but there was no response. They lost him!


That case represents the importance of digital marketing nowadays. You must keep your business updated and connect with your customers on digital marketing platforms. 

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