There is one unique feature that sets the NC state credit union apart from other financial institutions, being non-profit. You can count on the fact that the Winston Salem federal credit union serves its members and the community and not the shareholders. This means they are able to give back to members the surplus amount, in the form of dividends, lower fees, rebates on loan interest rates and more.

Winston Salem federal credit union considerations

You can rarely find financial organizations that give back to clients and want to satisfy their needs, not just make profit and have high fees and rates. Although there are many choices out there, few compare with a NC state credit union and there are many considerations to keep in mind. Every union runs independently, so all decisions are taken locally. Even products and services offered differ and are tailored to meet members’ needs and requirements. The focus is on the community and striving to improve it. Additionally, there are other programs developed especially for communities, not just for members.
However, members have many benefits once they join the NC state credit union. Many choose banks considering they are insured and they are not able to have this peace of mind anywhere else. It is certainly not the case, because at a union you can be sure that all savings and loans are insured and there are no additional costs for this service. More to it, there are situations where people are going through a difficult time and they are unable to pay their loans and have issues. Financial institutions are not forgiving and they add penalties. Unions, on the other hand, are willing to work with members and restructure payments to fit the given situation. There are no hidden fees or charges and you know from the beginning what to expect.
Although there are certain requirements to become a member of the Winston Salem federal credit union, once this is achieved, members have access to great services and products. Every person that requires a loan is treated with importance and their application is served individually. Representatives want to get to know more about the person, why they need the loan, what is their social and financial status and such. Even those with a poor credit history have a chance and they are not rejected automatically. Unions take time to help members and there are various schemes to help people that require assistance the most.
Another positive aspect about the Winston Salem federal credit union is that communities are supported and developed and members have a chance of improving them. They use the available funds to sponsor different organizations, charities, sports clubs, and more. You can check if the union within your location offers scholarships or bursaries for students, easing the financial burden parents deal with, considering the high costs involved. When you take into account all these aspects, it is no wonder why there are so many people using the services of unions and why they adhere to start with. To take a better decision and know all implications from the beginning, you can sit down with a union member or representative and find out more about what they support and stand for.
Considering how important technology is nowadays, people are looking for services such as mobile and internet banking, applications and such. Banks do provide such features and everyone knows it, but unions are catching up and are known to offer the same benefits, so that members can easily access their accounts whenever desired, make transactions and such. This even imitates the need of a physical branch and having access to one.
When you add all these aspects to the lower fees and high interest rates on savings account, there is no need to think about it too much, but start searching a union in your area and find out more about membership requirements. Online you can find them and everything about their products and services, what programs they have, fees and rates and get to know the organization better and how it is managed, who is behind it and such. After all, you will be trusting them your funds and personal data.

Do you want to find a reliable and personal financial cooperative to trust your financial needs? If you become a member at the NC state credit union, you have a lot to gain and plenty positive features. Not all financial institutions are the same and the Winston Salem federal credit union certainly stands up for all the good reasons. 

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