Why Should You Choose a Dental Bridge?
Why Should You Choose a Dental Bridge?
Dental bridges are the best-restoring ways to replace your missing teeth. Dentists use dental bridges to bridge the gap between the teeth caused by teeth loss.

Dental bridges are the best-restoring ways to replace your missing teeth. Dentists use dental bridges to bridge the gap between the teeth caused by teeth loss. They are best for missing teeth as they are lightweight, small, and allow proper chewing.


This dental appliance consists of two or more crowns located at abutments or anchoring teeth on both ends of the space made by the missing tooth.


Sometimes when there are no healthy adjacent teeth available to help abutments, dentists use dental implants as an option. When your Midtown Dental Implants in Houston dentist fixes the dental bridge permanently, its abutment crown is cemented on the adjacent teeth or a dental implant. 

The dental bridge contains materials, including gold and silver. 


Here are five reasons to consider a dental bridge.


  • Missing teeth

You can consider a dental bridge when you have a missing tooth. The dental bridge can fill the space between the teeth and fix false teeth to fill the gap. Fortunately, at a certain age, missing teeth are prominent.    


If you have more missing teeth, you will need more dental crowns houston to support the bridge.


  • Your overall health

Your overall fitness also plays an essential role in choosing the right tooth replacement solution. Some medical conditions can make the healing process a little slower, diseases as leukemia or diabetes. But a dental bridge does not require surgery or healing, and it is safe to use dental bridges to restore your teeth.


  • Want a quick solution

Dental bridges are a fast resolution for a replacement since a dental implant fuses permanently to your jawbone and takes upto 4 to 6 months to heal.


If you want quick results, dental bridges are the right choice, and the process takes only a few weeks to be completed.


  • You want a lower initial cost.

Dental bridges are the right option for your missing tooth if you want with lower upfront costs. The dental bridge price is usually less than you’ll see with an implant, and dental insurance covers most of the costs of getting a dental bridge. 


It is necessary to know that dental bridges typically last about 10 years.



 Types of Dental Bridge:

Four main varieties of dental bridges:

  • Traditional dental bridges

Dentists commonly use traditional dental bridges formed of one dental crown secured to the nearby teeth with an artificial tooth in between, and of course, they are strong. The dental crowns give anchor points, while the artificial tooth “bridges” the gap.


  • Cantilever dental bridges

Cantilever dental bridges differ from traditional ones using only a single anchor tooth. Dentists dont use them frequently, and they are usually placed in the front of the mouth. The dentist does not allow them to use the back of the mouth as they put too much pressure on a single tooth. In a few cases,  if the dentist places it safely, it can consume time and money both. Visit a dental bridge near me and consult your dentist for choosing dental bridges.


  • Maryland dental bridges

Th difference between the traditional dental bridge and a Maryland bridge is it uses a metal or porcelain framework instead of dental crowns as anchors. It does not need any modification with the adjacent tooth and is simply fixed to the back.

They are more affordable than traditional dental bridges. Their strength depends on the adhesive used to fix them.



Organize an appointment with a dental office in Houston, TX, to understand tooth replacement options. Your dentist can only suggest to you the best dental bridges to get.

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