Why it is Best to Choose the Oregon Credit Union
Why it is Best to Choose the Oregon Credit Union
People have many options nowadays regarding financing and where they can do banking.


People have many options nowadays regarding financing and where they can do banking. Back in the days, banks were the main choice, and people needed to go to a branch and open an account, access a loan, apply for a credit card, and more. However, nowadays, there are other possibilities, such as the Oregon credit union. There are more benefits involved and such a cooperative provides more advantages, especially if you don’t like to pay a lot for fees and high interest rates on loans. The best credit unions in Oregon are the ones that meet your needs and offer great service.

What Is the Oregon Credit Union?

The Oregon credit union is a non-profit cooperative that puts great value on members and want to assist them to accomplish their dreams, so matter if they want to open a savings account, to get a loan, a credit card, even make an investment. Some of the most notable features include great customer service, low fees and great interest rates. Unions offer services solely to members and there are certain requirements to become one. Not everyone can apply, but in recent years these became more reasonable and in some cases all it takes is to live within the area. Another example refers to working for a specific employer, worship at a certain church, and such.

There has to be a common bond of association, so that members in the community get a chance to help one another. Unions serve a specific segment, people that have the same profession, who belong to the same religious group, live within the area, and such. Some credit unions have even lower requirements and simply ask members to pay a small fee to join or make a donation to an organization. The key is to track down the unions within your area and find the requirements. This way, you know from the beginning if you are eligible.

What the Best Credit Unions in Oregon Offer

When you join the best credit unions in Oregon , you are not seen as a client, but as a member with rights and you become a co-owner. You receive dividends, but in the form of low fees and great interest rates, you can vote on the board of directors, on policies, and more. This is something out of the ordinary when you think about banks and how you never know what happens inside, and how they simply view you as a client. In case you are worried about money security and your account, you should know that unions are insured, every account is covered up to $250.000, in case of failure.

The main positive aspects about credit unions are they don’t pay federal taxes and instead of keeping the profit to themselves, they return savings to their members through lower fees and rates on loans, credit cards, and higher fees on CDs, savings accounts. Usually, there are no fees for using the ATM and this is highly appreciated, considering how much money people waste when they verify their account, deposit, and withdraw money using the ATM. You can easily save up the amount and in time, notice the difference. It is also a good idea to compare interest rates and find out how much money you save as well.

The Oregon credit union  has an extensive offer of financial services and products, but this depends on the union in discussion, how developed and well-established it is, how large the community is, number of members, and such. Many unions keep up with demands and provide similar services as other financial institutions. Perhaps they don’t have so many different types of credit cards and banking services, but at the end of the day what matters is what works for you. Maybe you require the basic products, and you can find them with ease.

The Oregon credit union does not have so many branches, and this could be an issue for people who travel within the country or abroad. However, you can find shared branches and you can use the ATM from another union. You can investigate this topic with ease when you discuss with a representative and clarify your needs. Another advantage is that once you become a member, you remain one for life, regardless of initial membership requirements, and if they do not apply to you anymore. Even if you switch jobs or move to another region, you still are a member of the union and can continue using products and services.

Some people have the misconception that an Oregon credit union is limited in terms of technology, that representatives don’t invest in their image, they don’t develop their online presence, and such. This is far from the truth, because unions have mobile banking, internet banking, applications, and you will be amazed of their websites and social media presence. It is easy to get in touch, ask questions, communicate via telephone, email, and always receive answers for your requests.

Why Choose a Credit Union?

So far, some of the aspects regarding the best credit unions in Oregon have been covered and it is understandable why it makes sense to choose one for your banking needs. There is an additional reason as well, meaning the level of customer service that you take advantage of. You will be treated better and with importance, meaning you can always call or drop by and someone will answer your requests.

More to it, the best credit unions in Oregon do an excellent job at educating their members about banking products and services. It is always a good idea to know about the most important aspects, such as saving money, applying for a loan, using credit, understanding interest rates, and such.

Even if you have a poor credit score, this does not mean you are unable to apply for a loan. Banks might refuse you straight away, but this is not the case at the best credit unions in Oregon. They are more willing to work with you and help you improve your score, run a thorough analysis and find ways to assist.