Why Does Your Cat Not Use the Cat Scratching Post?
Why Does Your Cat Not Use the Cat Scratching Post?
A cat scratching post is an essential tool that any cat owner should have in their house.

The Cat Scratcher That You Have May Not Be Stable Enough!

A cat scratching post is an essential tool that any cat owner should have in their house. But in many cases, the cats won’t use the cat scratcher. Instead, they will look for other alternatives. And in most cases, your furniture will be the victim of this habit. You may have wondered why is this happening? Why does your cat not use the scratcher? Well, there are 2 main reasons for that. The first one is the instability of the tool. And the second one is the size of the scratcher. There are several things that you should know for both cases. Firstly, why is the stability of this tool so important?

• Instability will cause fear. Like all animals, cats are beings that function on instinct. Meaning that if their instincts tell them to not use the scratcher, they won’t. And when this type of tool is unstable, the instincts of your cat will send a warning. As a result, your cat will consider the scratcher dangerous. The fear that it will feel will make your cat stop from using it.
• Instincts will stop your cat. After your cat tries to use the scratcher and its instincts send the warning through fear, it will not use the scratcher again. Even if you try to train it to do so, it will be almost impossible. Why? Well, every time it needs to scratch to keep its claws in shape, your cat will instinctively perceive danger from the scratcher. So, it will look for other alternatives that do not seem dangerous.
• Better alternatives are available. Lastly, many alternatives are much better than an unstable cat scratching post in your home. Many other types of furniture will become a perfect replacement for the scratching post. And if you let your cat for a habit, then it will be very hard from making it use a scratcher in the future. For this reason, it is essential to find a reliable shop and buy a scratcher that meets all the needs of your pet.

Your Cat May Not Be Able to Stretch While Using the Cat Scratcher!

Another factor that will determine if your pet uses the cat scratcher  or not is its size. Not many people understand that it is a pleasurable experience for a cat to stretch while it scratches. So, even if the tool that you have is very stable, but if its size does not allow your cat to stretch while using it, then your pet may use another alternative that lows it to perform both activities. Yet again, there are 3 things that you need to keep in mind.

• The height is too small. There are 2 types of scratchers in the market. The ones that have a high height, and the ones that have a long length. The most popular alternatives, both for pet owners and for cats, are the ones with a higher height. As a result, if the height is too small, then your cat won’t be able to “climb” the scratcher. And if this is the reason for which your cat won’t use the tool, then you need to replace it as fast as possible.
• Not comfortable enough. The comfort brought by the stretching and scratching activities is for cats as sugar is for humans, very addictive. But that is true only if the comfort brought by the tool is high enough. So, another factor that you need to consider is the comfort brought by a cat scratching post. But you do not need to worry too much. At the end of the article, you will find the best method that you can use to find the best cat scratcher for your pet.
• Better alternatives fulfill this purpose. As for the alternatives that your cat will use if it does not have a good scratcher, the furniture will bring the maximum amount of comfort. In general, the couch is the perfect replacement for a good scratcher. But other types of furniture can fulfill this purpose as well. If you do not want to avoid any damage to the furniture in your home, then you should make the process of finding a good scratcher very seriously.

How Can You Find a Cat Scratching Post That Your Pet Will Use for Sure?

As you can see, a cat scratching post  is a mandatory type of supplies for your cat. And if you want to make sure that you find a high-quality tool that your cat will use, then you need to make the right choice. The best method that you can use is to follow the steps mentioned below. Doing that will ensure that you will always make the best choice for your pet.

• Find a reliable pet shop. The first task that you have is to find a reliable shop. You can use the internet and find as many pet shops as you want. So, you need to make sure that they can deliver the supplies in your area and that the company is a reliable one. Yet again, by checking the reviews and browsing the internet, you will be able to find out if a shop is reliable and trustworthy or not.
• Measure your cat’s size. The next step is to measure your cat. You should not use a simple estimation. Use some tools and to the measurement. That will ensure that you have accurate data. You do not want to commit any errors by avoiding this step. Why? Well, by not doing the measurement, you risk buying a cat scratching post that your cat won’t like to use. So, you would have spent the money for nothing.
• Check the 2 requirements on delivery. Based on the information you accumulated in this article, you will be able to easily check the quality of the cat scratcher. Knowing the importance of the stability and the size of the scratcher will allow you to ensure that your cat will be satisfied and your furniture will be safe.