Why Choosing a Smaller Community Makes a Big Difference
Why Choosing a Smaller Community Makes a Big Difference
If you're planning to own a small gated residential apartment in Bangalore, Here are some of the reasons and advantages for preferring a smaller community rather than a larger home community that makes a significant difference in 2021. Learn more about home buying tips.

Why Choosing a Smaller Community Makes a Big Difference

The concept of multi-family apartment living is not something new, and today, smaller communities are a great hit than the bigger ones. Reasons include space, value for money or even just for a secure sense of privacy and comfortable living. With more people renting than ever before in the last 50 years, it has become increasingly evident that living spaces has its benefits. Today, it’s not just about owning a personal sanctum, it’s also about matching your lifestyle and happiness factor to where you intend to live. However, the question arises- does it matter staying in smaller communities of house complexes rather than bigger ones?

If you are at the crux of making the decision of choosing between a flat in a smaller home campus of 50-100 units, rather than in a large community of 1000, let us help you. Listed below are the reasons why a tiny home community is worth considering:

Safety a Priority

Living in a smaller combined dwelling gives a sense of security that’s unavailable in larger units. Selecting a smaller community of residential apartments where almost everyone knows each other is an undeniable advantage as it limits the risks of large numbers of unknown visitors and dwellers. Most residential house complexes have gated communities, controlled entry and exit, CCTV, 24/7 security personnel and a solid fire protection plan in place too. When the unit is small, it’s easier to keep track and control risk factors.

An additional benefit is having neighbours within such close proximity. Should an emergency arise, there will always be someone within reach to be of help or to ring in authorities as opposed to larger units where the reach is distant. This makes small gated communities an attractive option for single men/women, the elderly and families with children.

Community Feel

One of the greatest benefits is the community feel with closer proximity from each other, there’s a greater chance of socialising and creating long-lasting bonds. Families with children can also be at ease letting their children play in common playground areas knowing access is restricted to the limited apartment buildings in the complex. The ‘extended family-like’ feel encourages a multicultural family bonding between all known occupants.

Stress-free Maintenance 

Living in a small or mid-size apartment building gives you better professional maintenance carried out by property management companies on time and by uniform standards. No stress, just a call away and easier to reach consensus regarding various aspects of maintenance and considering they are dedicated to the few homes in the residence.


Yet another hard to beat factor is the less stressed amenities that come with a small-scale living quarters. Recreation and convenience live right at your doorstep when living in a modern and smaller residential property. However, in larger community the amenities such as party halls, common play areas, swimming pools, squash courts, fitness centres and many such are often over used and it feels like you are in public space rather than private with the recent pandemic onset, it is even more important to restrict access and usage of common areas. A smaller complex would mean limited capacity in common areas by the less residents and enhanced cleaning protocols creating a safer environment.

Parking Space

Parking spaces are especially a boon in cities where getting a spot to park more than 2 cars can be difficult. Being part of a limited number of houses ensures there’s an exact number of parking spots allocated to each resident and also lesser traffic movement within the campus.

Lesser Pollution

With fewer residents sharing an apartment block, chances are the noise levels are lesser too. This also equates to lesser vehicles in the complex avoiding potential bottleneck blockages and spending a long time at the gates of the community.


Gone are the days of cramped up condo with the risk of neighbours peeking into your balcony. Developers & Builders in Bangalore are more conscious and cater to the need for privacy by spacing out living spaces. Smaller the number of towers in a compound, more spacing and opportunity for privacy. Balconies too come with walls built on either side, not only framing your view but also protecting from curious Tom’s next door.

Landscaping and Gardening

Small group of buildings give an opportunity to enjoy extensive landscaped gardens among families. Some communities even allow residents to grow their own plants in allocated plots in the gated area.


Moving into new house with lesser units to rent or own, gives a ‘home-like’ feeling without compromising on quality. Experience an individualistic feel, easily identifiable construction than just living in a pigeon-hole among larger units!