Why Businesses Need To Make SEO and Content Marketing Their Number 1 Priority in 2020
Why Businesses Need To Make SEO and Content Marketing Their Number 1 Priority in 2020
A solid SEO and Content Marketing strategy gives your business an online advantage. Learn about their value and how you can implement them in your business.

Why Businesses Need To Make SEO and Content Marketing Their Number 1 Priority in 2020

Without the huge marketing budgets of big companies, small businesses have to innovate to stay competitive. So far, SEO and content marketing are the most potent and fitting solutions. These modern marketing techniques improve your discoverability on the internet and help you build a strong brand.

It gets even better, SEO and content marketing are a cost-effective way of generating leads, converting traffic, and setting yourself apart from the competition. For any business seeking to reach more clients in 2020 and convert these leads into sales, making SEO and content marketing a priority is the wisest decision. Continue reading to find out more.

1. SEO and content marketing are the best tools for improving your Google ranking

Appearing on search engines such as Google is the number one priority for most established businesses right now. The reason is simple; Google is the most significant source of hot leads.

You see, more than 93% of internet users use Google and other search engines to search for information, services, and products. A proper SEO and content marketing strategy improve your ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs), leading customers to your site.

Therefore, it is in your best interest to design your content in a way that is both reader and Google-friendly. First, targeting the right keywords is critical to outrank your competitors on Google and reach the right audience. Additionally, posting original content on your niche improves your visibility.

Your blogging frequency also matters and typically depends on the competition in your industry. For example, blogging at least twice or thrice a month will help to improve your ranking and traffic in fields with moderate competition.

Content marketing and SEO are inherently intertwined, and one is useless without the other. SEO dictates what type of content to create and whom to target. It also helps with the design and optimization of your website to make it rank higher on SERPs.

Conversely, content marketing utilizes SEO to convert visitors into customers by guiding them through a sales funnel.

The content marketing strategy is just as important as the SEO strategy. The two work in tandem to make your site more appealing to customers as well as to search engines.

2. SEO and content marketing improves brand reputation by building credibility and trust

Generating authoritative content that solves specific pain points for customers is the best way for your business to build reputation and credibility. Well, content marketing is the subliminal yet powerful and effective way of showing that you are an expert in your industry, making you an obvious choice for customers.

Consider this, 78% of customers prefer businesses that build a reputation through well-written, engaging, and valuable content to those that simply advertise.

SEO informs both website content and design, which are both integral in building customer trust. A professionally-designed website assures users that you are credible, competent, and the best solution for their problem.

Remember to package your content in a form that is easy for the customer to understand. Also, break down technical jargon into simple language to enhance the customer experience and earn their trust.

Moreover, be generous with showcasing the expertise of your team leaders and provide avenues for customers to contact them. By creating engaging and personalized content, you can make your readers feel at home on your website, even willing to spend money.

3. SEO and content marketing is excellent for natural backlink building

Content marketing is a proven way of creating natural backlinks to your site. Google dissuades the use of paid backlinks. Furthermore, Google frowns upon guest posting practices, especially between websites that are not from the same industry.

Unique content that matches what your audience is looking for generates organic traffic to your site, thus avoiding any penalties. Additionally, good content is shareable, enabling you to get natural backlinks from multiple sources without using any black hat SEO tricks.

4. SEO and content marketing are cost-effective techniques for creating new leads

While content marketing is time-consuming, it generates unparalleled value for your business in the long-run. Much time is required to research your audience, generate keywords, write content, perform SEO optimization, create internal links, edit, and approve the content.

However, your time and efforts are rewarded in a big way; for example, you will gain:

All factors considered, content marketing is 62% cheaper than traditional marketing strategies and produces a three-fold increase in lead generation. Content marketing is, therefore, a great strategy if you want to make the most of your limited budget.

An effective SEO and content marketing strategy helps you maximize your ROI by giving you valuable insight into the market and your customers. You cannot achieve this from traditional marketing techniques.

For instance, an SEO and content marketing strategy helps you to:

5. Great SEO and content marketing helps you set your business apart from competitors

In today’s highly competitive environment, your business must stand out from the rest to survive. Luckily, SEO and content marketing form a superb platform for differentiating your business from the masses.

Through SEO, you can conduct a comprehensive competitor analysis and know exactly what it takes to sell yourself differently and beat the competition, as you can learn from this article. Content is also a useful tool for developing a brand persona that is appealing and relatable to the customer.


No business can afford to ignore the power of SEO and content marketing in the digital age. A good strategy will help you:

By committing to the generation of creative and insightful content, you can improve your Google ranking and build a loyal following. Good content helps you to generate leads and increase your conversion rate.

In the long run, a good content marketing strategy is worth far much more than traditional advertising, and it will give you the necessary competitive edge.