What Kinds of Boxing Gloves What are they?
What Kinds of Boxing Gloves What are they?
If you've been training for a while or are considering starting a new sport shortly, you've probably observed that the different styles of gloves for boxing are not identical.

If you've been training for a while or are considering starting a new sport shortly, you've probably observed that the different styles of gloves for boxing are not identical. There's more variety than you'd expect, and every type of glove has its benefits. This is a brief overview of the most common types of boxing gloves that you might encounter.


Training/bag gloves

It is common to see brands advertise boxing gloves as bag gloves or training gloves. They're an all-purpose boxing glove. They're sometimes designed for pad and bag work. However, they're typically versatile and suitable for all kinds of training. You'll likely wear gloves like these for most of the things you'll do. There are a few general-purpose gloves that are labeled as gloves for training. However, they're often called boxing gloves.


Professional Gloves


You shouldn't be concerned about gloves made by professionals if you intend to compete. The name says all the gloves are boxing ones explicitly designed to be used in professional competitions, which often compromise protection for the hands and even ease of use to increase offense. Typically, the padding is more firmly padded, making the gloves less bulky and compact. They are made to give the sharpest blow feasible with every hit. Professional boxing gloves aren't designed for daily training but shouldn't be used in competitions. In most competitions, you'll use 10 or 8oz gloves, depending on the weight. The pros' gloves are usually tied up since it's uncommon for competitions of high level to permit boxing gloves.


Don't fall for the pro-style boxing gloves sold at dirt-cheap prices at your local sports shop. These brands use the term as an advertising tool and are typically simple gloves for training. The best Boxing Supplier Tiger Pro Fight Shop in North York for professionals Muay Thai Gears Store present.


 Muay Thai is a different game from boxing, and the gloves for boxing are designed accordingly. These gloves are targeted at kickboxers who require the most flexible and mobile boxing gloves. Canada has a variety of glove makers that excel in different areas. However, all are focused on better-distributed padding that provides better protection to the palm's back and greater flexibility within the grip, allowing the palm to be more open to taking on kicks. Manufacturers are not unusual to feature additional padding along the palm's side. Some individuals like the form they have in Muay Thai gloves, whereas certain people do not. However, it's essential to keep in mind the small details that allow them to be a little better suited to kickboxing and Muay Thai.


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Other kinds of gloves


There are different types of gloves you need to know about. We'll review them in detail to help you understand what else you can find when looking for gloves in that box. These gloves typically have particular functions and are generally not used in kickboxing, boxing, or Muay Thai.


Traditional bag gloves are less expensive than boxing gloves, with little protection. They don't have the protection features of full boxing gloves. Many gyms will not let you use these gloves. However, they are still available from many retailers. They're often as free punching bags. We would recommend you stay clear of them when you can. The form is typically generic, the padding is minimal, and there is no wrist support.


MMA gloves are specifically designed made for Mixed Martial Arts. Although they are not boxing gloves, they serve the same purpose. They are not like boxing gloves. They are not finger-less and often have an open palm, facilitating easier gripping. If you're training for boxing or Martial Arts Equipment, you don't have to wear these.


If you're wondering about the types of gloves for boxing you require, there are a few essential things to take into consideration:


  • Do you need gloves used for training or competition?
  • If you are competing, what size of gloves are required to compete in your weight class?
  • If you are training, what can gloves are used for? Sparring, bag/pad work, or perhaps a little of both?
  • Do you plan to use it in a game where you'll have to block or catch kicks?
  • Are you buying gloves for every activity or a pair you can use for all activities?


With this in mind, the above information will help you figure out the type of gloves you're going to require. If you're unsure, contact us via the comments section and we'll help you, or seek your coach's advice.