What is a Trademark Registration?
What is a Trademark Registration?
When we say Trademark, it signifies a symbol used by a specific business to differentiate its goods from its competitors of the market Ease2Bizz seamlessly performs trademark registration using business names, brands and logos, etc. After a trademark application gets filed, the applicant can start using the ™ symbol with the brand name.


On registration of a trademark, the mark becomes an asset of the company and it safeguards the brand against any kind of legal misuse. Thus to preserve the integrity of a brand, one should have a trademark registration. The entire process is made up of several steps and a continuous follow up with the Government. Hence, it is important to get an expert for trademark filing for a flawless trademark registration. Both individual and legal entity can file a trademark application. She/he/It can be a foreigner or foreign entity. Further, trademark applications can also be made for future purposes.

Before starting the trademark registration process, it is important to be assured that no other company/entity is using an identical or similar logo. With respect to this factor, our consultant performs a thorough check and he also gives advice on the classes under which the trademark registration should be made.

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