What is a biopsy needle?
What is a biopsy needle?
Get information from the leading biopsy needle manufacturer, Nikotech and see why biopsies are done, what they can find, and how the procedure works.

What is a biopsy needle?

A biopsy needle manufacturers is a spring-powered, spring-operated needle that makes biopsies easier to execute. Biopsies are cut using delta slot cutting, which is made simpler by the markings on the exterior needle, making depth reference easy. The core needle is employed when using CT or ultrasonic technology. 


A needle biopsy removes cells, fluid, or tissue from a suspicious lump or another abnormal body part using a thin, hollow needle and syringe. To identify the origin of the anomaly, the material is then examined under a microscope or put through a series of tests in a lab. 


Why do we use biopsy needle? 


When a doctor feels an unusual lump or imaging tests reveal anomalies in a particular location of the body, a biopsy needle may be necessary. Using a needle biopsy, examining breast, thyroid, or lymph node lumps is frequently possible. 


The most common application of biopsies is to detect cancer; however, they can also be used for a wide range of other purposes, such as: 


· Finding an infection 

· Matching organ tissues before transplantation and monitoring 

· For indications of organ rejection afterwards 

· Identifying liver conditions like hepatitis C 

· Identifying the origin of uterine bleeding 

· Identifying diseases of a blood vessel and connective tissue Problems, such as muscle 

· Detectable nerve injury 

· Identifying the reasons for infertility 


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