What Does a Full Stack Developer Do When Building a Website?
What Does a Full Stack Developer Do When Building a Website?
With the growth of the internet and e-commerce, creating a website has become a requirement for all businesses. A website helps you gain potential clients' trust while promoting your brand to a larger audience. Your brand gains a visual identity thanks to this, which also makes it more approachable to customers.

What Does a Full Stack Developer Do When Building a Website?

A full stack developer is someone who not only knows how to code websites at all levels but also has a thorough understanding of how everything interacts. So, in this blog, we'll look at what a full-stack developer performs to create your website, their key competencies, the jobs they handle, and the many kinds of businesses that employ full-stack developers.

Role of a Full Stack Developer


An individual who can work on both the front end and back end of the website is known as a full-stack developer. They are in charge of creating a website from scratch and launching it. Their primary responsibility is to plan, create, and test the website to make sure there are no bugs. However, before beginning the development process, they should be fully aware of the project requirements. Additionally, they should be well equipped with various skills, such as database management, software engineering, user interface design, server management, etc. As a result, they can handle anything from the original concept to the finished product.

Certification in a full stack developer course is an added bonus for landing a job if you’re a developer aspirant.


  • Full-stack developers investigate cutting-edge technologies to learn about their benefits and drawbacks. Additionally, they research current trends in website design and the top methods for creating websites.

  • They organize their projects before beginning the programming process. They establish a timeline and choose the outputs for each project phase.

  • Full-stack developers collaborate with other team members to complete the project on schedule and oversee the process.


Full-stack developers design and build websites and applications for various platforms. A full-stack developer's job description could include the following:


  • Creating new websites and web-based programs' architectures.

  • The creation of application programming interfaces (APIs). APIs are software mediators that facilitate application communication.

  • Creating new websites or programs while collaborating with users to understand their technical requirements.

  • Updating a website's back end to improve its functionality and capabilities and maintaining its front end to ensure it functions.

  • Ensuring that websites are mobile-friendly through optimization.

  • Developing aesthetically pleasing and useful websites in collaboration with graphic designers.

  • Establishing web servers and databases.

  • Watching over a project during each stage of the systems development life cycle (SDLC).

  • Collaborating with other experts (including DevOps engineers, cybersecurity experts, graphic designers, and other web developers).


What Is A Full-Stack Web Developer Responsible For?

Full-stack developers frequently join a project early on to help translate user requirements into a web application design strategy. This frequently entails discussions with important groups inside the company and non-technical personnel.


For instance, the Security Operation Center (SOC) team may offer suggestions and directives on important security issues involving the web applications network and data access. The data team may also provide guidance on important aspects of the necessary data structures for the application.


Developers will start constructing the website or application when the design is finished using a number of programming languages, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript (front-end), PHP, Python, and Ruby (back-end). They may also need to create APIs (application programming interfaces) to connect components and use SQL or other languages to manage data demands in addition to the application itself.


The amount of time a full-stack developer spends on each application component will depend on the nature of the project. Similar to this, it is typical for full-stack developers to collaborate with teams that are providing specialized code contributions and to use pre-existing third-party programs or libraries to speed up the creation and use of their apps.


Moreover, a full-stack developer must comprehend the entire concept and implementation of the program in order to be able to hop in anywhere, even with these contributions. Important hard skills are needed for this, including proficiency in a variety of vital programming languages for web stacks. Do you see that developers must be multi-talented? Yes. They have so many skills to master before they can get a job. The best part is you can master these skills with the best full stack software developer course in Dubai. With this training course, you can become a certified developer within 6 months.