What do NFTs imply for artists?
What do NFTs imply for artists?
How do NFTs help the artist to make money?

The NFT enables a creator to designate a lawful owner of a file, granting them the ability to present, access, or resell it. This is a useful tool in the field of digital art. It provides the buyer with the assurance that they are the owners of a one-of-a-kind digital item.


Despite the popularity of NFTs, several artists have taken strong stances against the concept, citing larceny and "cryptobro" culture. Many individuals in the art world have been enamored with NFTs since Beeple sold a digital collage for $69.3 million in March.


The fact that NFTs may also be used as financial and certification tools does not imply that they are not works of art. In some ways, they are superior to conventional art since ownership is transparent and artists continue to get royalties."