What Are the Most Common Problems that Are Revealed During Audit SEO?
What Are the Most Common Problems that Are Revealed During Audit SEO?
Most website owners lack the time and the skills to deal with search engine optimization and they prefer to outsource this process to specialists who know what to do.

Most website owners lack the time and the skills to deal with search engine optimization and they prefer to outsource this process to specialists who know what to do. If SEO is important to your business, whether you manage it in-house or prefer to outsource, you should have a professional SEO audit at least once a year. Thanks to a detailed audit SEO report you will be able to see exactly what has been done for your website, what results you have obtain and on what you have been spending your money as far as optimization is concerned?

Which Factors Can Hurt Your Ranking and Be Revealed During SEO Audit?

Individuals with basic SEO knowledge are aware of the fact that they need professional optimization in order to thrive in the digital landscape. They also know that the factors that impact their ranking the most are content, links and mobile-friendliness. Indeed, when performing search engine optimization most of the focus is on creating content, updating it and repurposing it and on building links and getting rid of bad links. Nonetheless, a well-conducted SEO audit can reveal so many other issues that you do not know much about and that are not the focus of your SEO efforts.

For example, during  SEO audit  conducted by a skilled auditor, he will check for:
• Server problems- these are more common than you might think; a day or two with your website not functioning will not harm your ranking, but when the search engines cannot access your pages for days, your ranking will suffer. Whenever your website is down for maintenance issues you should make sure this does not last for more than one or two days. 
• Detection of malware- a website will malware will not lose its ranking but it will receive less traffic from search results; users will be warned every time they try to access your website and this should be avoided.
• Algorithm changes- there has been a lot of talk about algorithm changes and how they impact websites; a sudden drop in ranking can be generated by such an algorithm update and if you are affected by Google’s updates you should focus on improving SEO and making your website better. When Google makes adjustments to its ranking factors you should see what you can do to keep up. 
• Spammy links or changes to your backlink profile- bad links that are irrelevant to your website can impact your ranking
• A decline in content quality- if your posts are no longer what they used to be, your ranking will suffer

Why Use Audit SEO for A Competitor?

Has a new competitor appeared in your niche? Has it succeeded to outrank you? If this is the case it is clear that you have a problem. This probably means that he invests more in SEO than you do and you can spy on his website with the help of a reliable audit SEO. Most businesses that want to remain competitive do it, they check for the keywords their competitors use, they assess their content and their links and so on. This is normal if you want to maintain a first place in Google’s search results. A new competitor with engaging content and authority links poses a threat; old competitors that come up with new strategies should also not be ignored. It is possible for a new competitor to catch you off guard and if you do not want this to happen you should have their website audited.

Thanks to  audit SEO  you will know exactly what your competitors do to improve their ranking and what aspects you should focus on. Do you need more authority in your niche? Is your content less engaging than theirs? Is their website structure more attractive? At the end of the day what matters is that your optimization efforts exceed theirs and you come up with a suitable strategy that will help you stay on top. Why is your website no longer visible to search engines? What has changed if you have not done anything differently? A professional audit will help you figure that out.

What Is the Purpose of SEO Audit?

It is worth mentioning that professional, complex audits that deal with all the aspects of your website and that are performed by humans are not cheap. Nonetheless, they have become a necessity for those who want to keep their websites functional and to make sure their website is on top of Google’s changes. Why should you risk a drop in ranking when you can see what to do to maintain your position? Why should you risk being hit by Google’s algorithm updates when you can focus on optimizing your website so that these updates do not impact it to a great extent?

There are so many things you can do to get your website back on the right track or to maintain your current ranking. Professional audit SEO will help you identify the existing problems and deal with them before they hurt your website. An audit will offer you the starting point you need to come up with an effective SEO strategy, one that pays off in the long run and impacts your ranking in a positive manner, one that helps you build trust and authority in the digital landscape.

To summarize, SEOaudit is the most effective solution you have to see what you can do to improve your search engine optimization results. Having your website audited every once in a while, is one of the smartest things you can do, especially when you spend a significant amount of money on SEO on a monthly basis and you want to have a clear idea of what has been done for your website. Do not hesitate to hire skilled auditors for they will top your expectations should you be willing to give them a try. Reliable agencies will put at your disposal lots of useful information once the audit is complete and you should focus your attention on making the necessary improvements.