What Are the Different Types of Barcode Printer Labels?
Printing barcodes has become a must in numerous organizations, as it reduces manufacturing errors and it hold individuals accountable for their work.

Printing barcodes has become a must in numerous organizations, as it reduces manufacturing errors and it hold individuals accountable for their work. Barcoding is now widely used to improve communication with suppliers and customers and the best part about it is that it is easy to implement and it provides a return on investment. Nowadays companies have an impressive selection of labels they can choose from, barcode printer labels and zebra printer labels being some of the most popular.

When to Use Barcode Printer Labels

When it comes to barcode printer labels, it is worth mentioning that they can bring great value to your organization. These labels are used widely by manufacturers to keep track of:
• Ingredients, expiration dates, inventory levels
• Vat numbers and work instructions
• Finished goods, production date and time
• Quality testing.

Barcode labelling is also used by those with compliance, safety and customer-specific labelling requirements, by warehouses, facility labelling and loading docks. You need labels so that you know where everything is placed in your warehouse. At the loading dock, using receiving labels and shipping labels will simplify things for you to a great extent. Nowadays, organizations that need barcodes choose labels because of the advantages they bring.  barcode printer labels  are cost-effective, easy to design and to attach. Such a label has a face stock, adhesive and a liner.

As far as packaging is concerned, these are available in rolls, sheets and fan folded. They are commonly deployed for inventory tracking, shipping, warehouse management and others. Barcodes are of great help when it comes to inventory management and you should resort to them to smooth some processes within your organization such as inventory tracking and management, shipping and transportation, product identification and lot numbers. There are different types of barcode labels available on the market such as:
• Numeric only barcodes, which are popular in retail applications
• Alpha-numeric barcode- this type of label server numerous purposes but it is mostly used for tracking and data collection
• Industrial standard barcodes- there are barcode systems specific to each industry

If you have second thoughts when deciding on a certain barcode you should consider the following aspects: where will the product be scanned, what type of characters need to be supported, how much space do you have available for barcodes on the packages, do you need the barcode to store a lot of data and which material will you print the barcode on? These are important considerations that will help you make the best purchase for your particular needs.

What about Zebra Printer Labels?

If you are wondering whether zebra printer labels are suitable for you or not, you should consider how long do you expect them to last and where will you use them. These are important considerations when shopping for zebra labels and they will help you make sure you make the bets of them. Most barcodes, including zebra are printed on paper labels and this is because of their affordable cost and their disposable nature. Most organizations that need barcode labels choose paper for it is cheap, easy to use and perfect for daily applications. Nonetheless, before you decide to opt for such labels you should know that they are not waterproof, they are tearable and they are not suitable for outdoor use and chemical exposure.

Moving on, you should know that  zebra printer labels can also be printed on polypropylene. This is recommended for companies that need a durable label, one that is moisture-resistant, tearproof, has a long print life and is resistant to oil, grease and other chemicals. Its only drawback is that it is more expensive than paper. It is recommended for frequently handled applications, medical and chemical labs and outdoor uses. Barcoding is also possible with colour labels that are perfect for inventory management. You can use different colours for time, lot numbers, type of products and so on. The most popular types of colours used are yellow, light green, light blue and orange.

The surface you have to work with when you apply the label is another important consideration. This is why you should pay attention to the width and the length of the label. The labels you purchase can be perforated or non-perforated; when you use an auto-apply machine it is best to use labels without a perf; if you apply the labels by hand you want perforated labels. As far as the finished format is concerned, roll labels are the most commonly used but you can also opt for sheet labels or fanfold.

Why Zebra Printer Labels?

As you can see, selecting the right label for your specific requirements can be a real challenge and you should take the time to see what options you have before you make a decision. How do you know if zebra printer labels are right for you when you do not know much about them? There are various aspects you have to pay attention to when choosing the right label for your specific needs.

The good news is that you can rely on professional guidance and specialists in this field are happy to inform you about your options, to answer to your questions and to make adequate recommendations based on your needs. Once you find a supplier and a type of label you are happy with, you should stick with it. Overall, some labels are designed to last longer than others, they are of better quality and they are made for outdoor use and severe weather conditions. Others are cheaper but they will fade away in time and they are not recommended for outdoor applications. If you decide to opt for barcode printer labels chances are you will be happy with their lifespan and quality. For more information about them and the advantages they bring you can always go online and read reviews for they will prove to be useful.