Wayne Dreadski Is Now A Viral Sensation on Spotify and Other Sites
Wayne Dreadski Is Now A Viral Sensation on Spotify and Other Sites
Truth is Wayne Dreadski’s name echoes Canadian-bon hockey player Wayne Gretzky’s name thanks to which his music has been topping the charts.

Miami FL (March17, 2020) - Many know whenit comes to the genre of rapping, there’s one name that has been making newsfor a while. Wayne Dreadski, thanks to his great work, has become a hugesensation since 2017. On Spotify, rap lovers can find many of his songs fromdifferent albums and EPs like Travel Addict, Rasta Rockstar, Designer, Neptune,Her Own Bandz, and more.

So what startedhis popularity?

Manager of Concrete Music Entertainment"Shizz" started calling him Wayne Dreadski in 2017 and ever sincethen he started having a huge fan following. Shizz came up with this namethrough a unique twist of combining the great hockey player Wayne Gretzky’sname with this rapper’s name.

So who Is Wayne Gretzky?

Wayne Gretzky is a Canadian-born hockeyplayer and NHL Hall of Famer. He started skating at age 2 and by the age of 6he was regularly playing with players much older to him. He played his firstfull NHL season in 1979-80 for the Edmonton Oilers. Over the next two decades,he dominated the sport, setting a host of league records. He retired in 1999and was inducted into the Hall of Fame that same year.

This unique combination of an athlete’sname with that of a musician is definitely something the world hasn’t seenbefore. To listen to Wayne Dreadski’s work, please visit

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