USA: Paypal Launches Support for Cryptocurrencies
USA: Paypal Launches Support for Cryptocurrencies
PayPal has now lauched cryptocurrency support for its users in the US.

Bitcoin prices reaching all-time highs, an increasing number of people are noticing the crypto market.Which makes this new all the more interesting.

What you should know
PayPal’s cryptocurrency development service was set to launch in early 2021.However, based on high demand, has decided to allow eligible U.S. PayPal clients to buy, sell and hold cryptos.

PayPal CEO, Dan Schulman, disclosed that its clients are signing up to be the first to use the company’s crypto services at an alarming ratePayPal has started to permit 10% of its customer-base to buy, sell, and hold Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin.PayPal’s entrance into the arena is eye-catching largely owing to its size and scale.

This launch takes some of the uncertainty out of the deal by allowing the merchant to accept crypto payments while still settling all cryptocurrency transactions in fiat currency.

PayPal has become the latest mainstream giant to support cryptocurrencies. Many cryptocurrency development companies have jumped on the crypto bandwagon in recent years, BMW, Subway, and Microsoft to name a few. Now, PayPal has allowed 10% of its users in the US to buy, sell, and hold Bitcoin and altcoin.
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