To find a reliable mover, you need to get and compare multiple moving quotes. Check out the types of moving company quotes for different moving services and what you need to look in them while comparing.

Types of Moving Company Quotes and What to Look in Them

One of the most important tasks you need to figure out before moving is to find a reliable mover for your relocation.  To do this, you will likely request multiple moving company quotes, however, not all quotes are equal. The following are the types of moving company quotes for different moving services and what you need to look in them while comparing.

A full service moving company quote will look very different depending on whether you’re getting it for a local move or long distance move. While local moving quotes are based on the size of the truck, the number of people, time, and materials used, whereas long distance moving quotes are based on several factors. Since it is almost impossible to know how much your belongings will weigh until it is measured on the scale, these estimates are not accurate. This is why requesting an in-house inspection is important as it can help improve the accuracy of the quote. 

While comparing moving quotes from different full-service long distance movers, make sure all the estimates are based on the same weight. Local moving quotes are based on hourly rates which include time spent traveling to your home, between homes, and back to their location along with lunch breaks. So it is up to you to estimate how long it will take.

To find a reliable moving company, you can always trust Moversfolder’s extensive network of reliable and professional moving companies nationwide. This online moving platform makes it easy to find and book the best long distance moving companies as per your needs and budget. All moving companies in Moversfolder network are licensed and insured, so you can rest assured that your move will be in good hands.

Truck rental may be the most effective and economical way of moving, but it requires substantial efforts on your part which includes packing, loading, and unpacking etc. To help you with the moving task, you can recruit your friends and family to help you. While other moving services may not have separate fuel costs, Moving quotes from truck rental typically estimate fuel economy between 6-10 miles per gallon (MPG) for trucks 15′ and larger.  So you need to determine your moving distance and estimate fuel costs and then add that amount to the moving quote while comparing it to other alternatives. The rates increase significantly as the kilometer limit is exceeded, so add any extra mileage cost to the quote. Also, you need to consider the number of days you will need the rental and it is better to ask the cost for an extra day or two.

There are many portable storage companies that offer aluminum panel containers and wood frame moving containers. While you can get 16″ aluminum panel containers which are suitable for a home with 3-4 rooms, wood frame containers are much smaller suitable only for condos and apartments.

You need to initially determine how many containers you may need which will depend on the number of rooms in your home, how heavily furnished it is, and how efficiently you’re able to pack. While comparing these quotes you need to use cubic feet. A 16′ aluminum panel container is about 814 cu.ft while a 20′ truck is about 1,015 cu.ft. You also need to review the rental terms on the quotes, because additional months may cost you more.

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