Top 5 Crypto Launch Pads
Top 5 Crypto Launch Pads
Here’s the simple truth about investing in crypto projects: if you could participate in the most promising projects from the start, you’ll win big. However, finding the right projects when they are still in their infancy can be challenging.

Cryptocurrency launch pads make it easy for investors to invest in promising projects before their tokens are released to the public.

A Brief Introduction to Crypto Launch Pads

When new Cryptocurrency development company projects develop their products and services, they need money. They are selling their tokens to early investors at low prices to fund the development of the project.

The price of the token increases as the project grows. Who gets more when prices go up? The first investors who collected the tokens at very cheap prices.

But aside from a small number of ICOs, most turned out to be scams. Investors fled the crypto markets. Most of them are simply mounted on the hype. They had little knowledge or experience to analyze encryption projects. They would invest their money in anything that seemed interesting.

To address this problem, Cryptocurrency development company have taken responsibility for analyzing new projects. According to their research, they would partner with promising projects to host their token sales on the exchange platform.

Crypto exchanges already had a large user base willing to invest in new projects. The review process helped reduce risks for investors. This method was known as Initial Exchange Offering (IEO).

Each launch pad has some sort of review process to avoid pulls and scams. However, investors need to understand the projects and risks involved before risking their money.

Here are some of the best cryptocurrency launch pads of 2021.

1. Lemonade

Lemonade is one of the most exciting DeFi token launch pads of 2021. It is regulated by Jigstack DAO. STAK is the native token of the Jigstack ecosystem. It is used to manage lemonade and other jigstack records.

Lemonade makes it easy for crypto projects to implement their token sales in minutes. It is intended for project issuers who want to make a collective sale without having to deal with technical complexities.

It offers hands-free automation without permissions and a customizable sales structure to ensure a seamless user experience. Lemonade recently launched the V2 of its platform, which gives token issuers full control over the parameters of their IDs.

Lemonade started selling Jigstack’s STAK token on the launch pad. It has announced that it will host public and private sales of DePo on the platform. DePo is the first multi-market aggregator in the decentralized financial ecosystem.

2. Polka starter

Based on Polkadot, Polkastarter debuted in December 2020. Polkastarter allows crypto projects to easily start their own decentralized and interoperable token pools. It offers investors a reliable way to gain access to new funds.

Polkastarter has hosted more than two dozen successful IDs, including Ethernity, Blockchain Cuties, and Convergence.

Its native utility token is called POLS. Anyone who owns at least 3,000 POLS can participate in IDO on the platform. Non-POLS holders can also participate in public sales.

Polkastarter itself does not control the review or listing process. The communities that start the pools control them. This means that projects with strong communities can raise funds without having to rely on the review process. The price of the token can be fixed or dynamic.

3. Thor Starter

Thorstarter is a decentralized launch pad that provides long-tail crypto assets with cross-chain liquidity.

Cross-chain liquidity ensures a fair and transparent fundraising process. Thorstarter awards liquidity grants to early-stage Cryptocurrency development company projects and helps them launch them through IDO. Projects can then exchange the assets pooled by THORChain for their own tokens.

Investors can access liquidity from other blockchains without having to use synthetic assets.

Thorstarter’s XRUNE token is a hyper-liquid settlement coin, just like RUNE. XRUNE is always combined with another asset to facilitate inter-string exchange with the native RUNE-XRUNE in THORChain.

Projects selected for approval by Thorstarter must go through an approval process regulated by a local DAO. The grant must be signed by the Asgard Council, which consists of 9 members.

New projects released on Thorstarter use the company’s xIDO model, giving projects greater flexibility. You can choose from several different deployment models and optimize for a token distribution that suits your project and your community.

The startup methods are Dynamic Price Action, Group Share, Fixed Price Collective Selling, Limited Bid vs. Elastic Bid, Open Vs. Closed Levels, and Minimum Vs. Maximum Buy.

4. SuperStarter

SuperStarter is SuperFarm’s cryptography launch pad. For the uninitiated, SuperFarm is a cross-chain DeFi protocol based on the Polygon platform. Enables projects to deploy NFT and encryption farms with custom incentives and rules.

SuperFarm’s utility token is SUPER, which can be used for betting, governing the platform, NFT drops, fees, and more.

SuperStarter successfully celebrated the IDO of Alpha Impact, Virtual Poker, Don-Key and ColdStack. During the IDO, SUPER token holders were able to participate in the next wave of pop-up projects.

The projects were reviewed by a group of fundamental encryption analysts prior to their IDs on SuperStarter. The token launch pad ensures fairness and maximum transparency.

5. TRONPad

TRONPad is the first native IDO launch pad on the TRON blockchain. TRON partnered with BSCPad to develop the launch pad.

It will give crypto investors the opportunity to invest in new, high-quality projects within the TRON ecosystem.

BSCPad, que ha lanzado varios IDO exitosos en Binance Smart Chain, aportará su experiencia a TRONPad.

BSCPad’s expertise lies in detecting bots and preventing them from participating in a token sale. It also avoids preferential treatment of whales. The partnership offers users a “predictable and demonstrably fair system” for collecting and holding tokens.

TRON is one of the few cryptocurrency development services projects that raised funds through an ICO during the boom in 2017 and continues to offer added value to the community. Most of the other ICOs turned out to be scams.

Given the proven track record and experience of TRON and BSCPad, TRONPad is sure to provide investors with access to high-quality projects. Some of the most interesting features of the Launchpad are still in the works.


Cryptocurrency launch pads have changed the way new projects raise funds and investors participate in token launches.

Not only do they shorten the distance between new projects and investors, but they also provide the confidence factor in transactions. New projects can quickly raise millions of dollars in 2021 by using one of these launch pads to accelerate their development.