Top 10 B2B eCommerce debunked once and for all | i95Dev
Top 10 B2B eCommerce debunked once and for all | i95Dev
Taking B2B eCommerce casually? Here are top 10 myths that could be limiting your growth in 2022-2023. Read this article to avoid mistakes and maximize your B2B sales.

It’s 2022, but whenever one thinks about eCommerce, they automatically assume the B2C model. However, given the scale and reach among the internet-savvy masses, it would be inappropriate to presume that B2B organizations cannot leverage it.

1. Sharing a few amateur Instagram reels and Tweeting is solid digital marketing for B2B eCommerce marketing
No, B2B eCommerce digital marketing or any sort of digital marketing is much more than posting a couple of times. However, indeed, a lot of wholesalers and manufacturers don’t know how to get started.

But without a proper digital marketing strategy and, more importantly, flawless execution, it doesn’t work for you despite less competition.

Get an excellent digital marketing team that helps you establish your online identity, target the right audience, grow engagement, and convert B2B leads.