The Top Must-knows About Your NDIS Plan | Universal Care and Support
The Top Must-knows About Your NDIS Plan | Universal Care and Support
The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides disability services funding to Australians who are eligible. But sometimes the scheme is difficult to understand. Universal Care and Support gives some basic must-knows about it in this blog.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is Australia’s national scheme for people living with permanent and significant disabilities. It provides funding for different disability support services to help people with disabilities live comfortable and independent lives.

Via various NDIS support services aim to empower people with disability to work towards their goals and increase their independence. NDIS services also enable participants to engage with the community through both social and economic means. are given the freedom to identify what specific support they need to meet these goals and choose an NDIS service provider that they believe is best to cater to their needs.

What Is an NDIS plan?

If you meet the eligibility criteria for the NDIS, you will go through a planning process with an NDIS representative. The process will help you develop your individual NDIS plan and determine the funding for it.

The first meeting with an NDIS representative will be a planning meeting to discuss what you need in your plan. Before your meeting, it would be a good idea to already have in mind what you want in your plan.

Your NDIS plan will include the following:

  • Your personal goals and needs
  • Specific disability support that will be funded to meet your goals and needs
  • How much funding will be given for these supports

Your NDIS plan runs for 12 months once it is approved. A review and adjustment of your supports can be done earlier if a significant change in your life occurs. Before the end of your plan, a meeting to review your plan and your goals for the next year will be scheduled.

What Are the Basic Steps in Getting Your NDIS Plan?

There are four main steps in getting your NDIS plan:

  1. Application process (verbal or via online) and eligibility screening (see checklist here)
  2. Preparing for your NDIS planning meeting
  3. Your NDIS planning meeting
  4. Your NDIS plan approval and start

What Will the NDIS fund?

The NDIS will fund disability services and supports necessary for you to meet your needs and achieve your life goals. Depending on what your goals are, funding may include the following:

  • Core Support– funding that covers support for daily living tasks and to access community facilities and activities
  • Capital Support– funding to purchase equipment, technology, or home modifications
  • Capacity Building Support– funding for services for skill building, training, learning, accessing employment, and improving health and wellbein

What Will the NDIS Not Fund?