The Project Name: Nanjing Private Villa
The Project Name: Nanjing Private Villa
A light steel villa could be a good choice in our daily life.

The project name: Nanjing private villa

Site: Nanjing China

Construction time: forty-five days

Building performance: wind resistance、good earthquake-proof characteristics、anti-snow stress 、damp proofing、fireproof、warm in iciness and cool in summer、energy conservation and environmental protection、high security、thermal insulation



1. Dry operations are now not affected with the aid of climate conditions.

2. The development length is short, quick, and easy.

3. Direct grant of manufacturing facility materials, low challenge cost.

4. Professional graph team, for you to format the proper house.

5. Professional building team, and transnational construction.

6. Beautiful appearance, to meet the customized necessities of the building.

7. Fast transportation speed、the noise of the building is small, and much less development trash.


All the wall substances of light gauge steel systems are environmentally safe and long-lasting material, every type of cloth passes strict fine trying out and special substances have exceptional popular specifications. After passing the strict inspection of the factory, and in the plant for pre-assembly, making positive no error and then ship these substances to every building site. Our enterprise will undertake extraordinary export requirements for special international locations to create mild metal villas and we will additionally plan distinctive patterns of mild metal villas in accordance to the quite a number desires of customers, every layer of substances used in the mild metal villas has its very own unique houses and make positive the homes is beautiful, firm, long-lasting and safe.


This mission consists of two personal light steel villas of extraordinary styles, the first villa has two floors, the look of the residence is darkish blue asphalt shingles, orange exterior wall striking board, and emulated cultured stone. The 2d personal villa has three floors, the look of the residence is purple asphalt shingles, yellow exterior wall placing board, and emulated cultured stone. Both have a hole design, a spacious atmosphere.