The Homeless People in Seattle Streets Needs Serious Attention from the Higher Authorities
The Homeless People in Seattle Streets Needs Serious Attention from the Higher Authorities
Government is Failing to Take Adequate Measure for the Welfare of American Homeless Society.

Date'2020,Seattle, Washington:According to the recent assessment of the US Department of Housing and UrbanDevelopment, the number of homelessness is rapidly increasing in America'smajor cities such as Seattle, new york, San Fransisco, and Chicago. The studysays, among the homeless people, one quarter is children and more than tenthousand are Veterans. In 2008 over five million people got homeless andinstead of stopping the situation from getting worse, the US government isendorsing homelessness as a crime. Thousands of homeless people have beenevicted from the streets by the government and sent to the detentioncamps. 

The condition of the camps isextremely critical since there is no adequate food, clothes, essentials, andmedicinal supply. Most of the people are suffering from extreme weatherchallenges, severe health conditions, and mental disturbance. Although thesocial agencies are trying to help, their estimate value of fundraising is notenough to better up the conditions. According to some of the social workers,not only the government but the several prominent organizations such as amazonand google are also not taking relieving steps for the welfare of these people.In fact, the rich elitists are also taking lease internet on the matter unlessit concerns their personal profit. 

The media reporters are takingthe matter very lightly as they fear excessive media coverage may begetcontroversial political propaganda. Since the matter of US homelessness is asensitive topic from both democratic and political point view, the matter isconstantly suppressed and overlooked by the higher officials. In between, thesehomeless people are suffering and their hope for government help is slowlyturning into anguish. Due to lack of opportunities, a part of the homelesscommunity is turning into robbers, mobs and drug addicts and as a result, USsociety is facing tremendous violence. The general appeal of the homelesssociety accosts maximum considerations from the higher organizations toundertake the worsening situation as soon as possible. 

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