The Application of 8 Seater Golf Cart For Sale
The Application of 8 Seater Golf Cart For Sale
Mini electric golf cart is a private tourist attraction which can be used in Park, amusement park, a gated community,

Mini electric golf cart is a private tourist attraction which can be used in Park, amusement park, a gated community, campus, Garden Hotels, resorts, villas, city street, port regional development opportunities, patrol and transport dedicated environmentally friendly electric passenger car. Generally have 2, 4, 6 and 8 seats. 8 seater golf cart is very popular for the hotel or other business use. Langqing electric car company is a professional company who produced the low speed electric car, like the golf car, electric truck, and electric shuttle bus. We also have 8 seater golf cart for sale.

Langqing 8 seater golf cart design is very classic; the rear seats can be used by opening the seat luggage rack. 

So after you purchased the golf carts, they are required regular maintenance during use, especially the motors, which require constant testing. By doing so, you can know whether the motor is malfunctioning in time, and deal with the problem in time, which can save a lot of maintenance costs. Let's take a look at the steps for testing the engine with this editor.

Step one-test the power supply

Before checking the motor itself, test the source of the power source: use a 120-volt tester and use a probe to check whether the power source reaches the socket. If there is no voltage reading, the circuit breaker is first reset by turning the switch provided by the socket. Test again, if you still have no reading, please contact an electrician to replace the socket.

Step two-check the battery

After making sure that the wall outlet is working properly, it's time to check whether the battery is faulty. There are two cable clamps on the battery. Insert the screwdriver into the slot on the clip and turn it counterclockwise to remove it. Repeat this step with another clip. Then, test your 12-volt voltage by touching each side of the wire to test the battery voltage. This requires checking all batteries, because even if they are not working, it can cause motor failure. Don't forget to remove the clip before testing other batteries. If the tester shows that the voltage is less than 12 volts, the battery needs to be replaced.

Langqing use the dry battery (free maintains battery), you do not need to add water, so they are very easy to maintains them. But please remember to charge it at least 1 time per month if you do not used is very often.


Step three-start the motor

Finally, check the time of the motor itself. It will be divided into a group, usually at the back of the golf cart. The panel will be secured with four screws, so just put them away quickly with a screwdriver and put everything in a safe place on the towel.

Step 4-disconnect the wires

Whether it is taking a photo of the motor circuit or ensuring that all the markings are not clear enough, it is easy to do anything at the time. Then, separate all the wires from the motor. Make sure that the motor has no terminal grounded.

These continuity tests will help you determine what is wrong with the engine. If you think you don’t have information on golf cart repairs, take the golf cart to a repair specialist and tell them about your test before they start.