Suction Diffuser Manufacturer
Suction Diffuser Manufacturer
Valvesonly Europe is the largest Suction Diffuser manufacturer in Italy

Suction Diffuser Manufacturer

Valvesonly Europe is the largest Suction Diffuser manufacturer in Italy. Suction Diffuser is designed to remove any foreign matter that is hazardous to the pump and other system components. It provides proper flow condition to the pump. It conditions the flow into pump suction to ensure highest pump efficiency retention. It has a Flow cone which is used to eliminate the recirculation zones. These recirculation zones can lead to highest pressure drop in the Suction Diffuser. The flow cone directs the flow completely out of the suction diffuser and into the pump section which provides uniform velocity. Without suction diffusers, a company either has to allow for a long lead-in on its pipeline, or suffer from pumps that are constantly being repaired and replaced.


  • Eliminates recirculation Zones
  • Saves Space
  • It has uniform flow pattern
  • Fine mesh throwaway start-up strainer assures cleaner, more trouble free system
  • Completely removable internals for fast and easy maintenance.

Available materials: Cast iron, Carbon Steel, Stainless steel

Size: 1 ¼” to 48”

Class: 125 to 300

Use a suction diffuser if you want your pumping system to work at its maximum parameters. This angled straightening fitting helps to do so. It helps in conditioning the flow to the pump suction ensuring the maximum pump efficiency retention.

If you are looking for one of the best Suction Diffuser Manufacturer in Italy, then you have come to the right place. We supply Suction diffuser Globally. We are custom manufacturers of diffusers whether it is direct mounting for ending suction of vertical or horizontal pumps. We have diffusers in many models like 2 inches to 48 inches with 2 inch to 48 inch inlet and 1 ¼ inches to 48 inches in outlet size. It also has 200 psig optimum operating pressure at a temperature of 150 degrees F. The salient features include flanged end connections of class 125 FF, straightening vanes as well as removable mesh screen liners. Reach us to know more details!!

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