Steps to Register on the Account
Steps to Register on the Account
DisneyPlus DisneyPlus streamer is an internet-based platform that you can access your favorite streaming videos. It operates the same way like other platforms for streaming. Furthermore, it is able to work with other devices, including Android and iOS tablets, computers TVs, laptops and more.

How do I activate for your Android smartphone?

Additionally, it is usually because of a misguided decision or not taking the correct steps. To get rid of these problems, firstly, you can go through these few URLs such as, login/begin 8 digit code. If you want to fix this manually issue, follow the steps below for the correct direction.


v  You can open Disney Plus either by entering the URLs "" or or by opening its official website of DisneyPlus on your internet browser.

v  Then, select the "Sign Sign Up Now" option, then enter your email address and enter your password.

v  Choose the subscription type that you wish to purchase and fill in the payment information.

v  Now you can stream anything once you have completed the formalities for payment.

How do I activate for your Android smartphone?

The steps below will help you enable Disney Plus on an Android phone;

Step 1: Install and download the Disney plus for the Android phone.

Follow the steps below;

      Then, you need to open the play store or another retailer on an Android phone.

      In the search tab then type in Disney plus.

      Then the application list will appear.

      Select the right application from the available options.

      Click on"Install.

      Then the download of the app will begin.

      Following that the installation process will begin.

      The application installation for the Disney Plus application is now ready.

Step 2: To log in with the account on

Follow the steps below;

      After you have installed the application after installation, start it.

      You will then have choose the language you would like to watch films or other channels.

      After that, click the Continue button.

      Now you are on the main page of

      The upper right corner there are three lines.

      The three lines on the left are Menu options. Click on them.

      After that, side options will be available.

      On the top you will find the login option.

      Click on the login button.

      Then you will see the following page be displayed.

      There are three ways for logging in. One option is to log in using an phone number or mobile, Email account, or Facebook account.

      Choose one of the options and enter the ID number or mobile number.

      After that, click the Continue button.

      You will then be issued An OTP to your identification.

      You must enter the OTP and click the Continue button.

      Next page should appear and will let us know about your page.

      Input your name, date of birth, gender, and select Continue.

      This is it. Your account is set up on Disney Plus.

Step 3: To purchase the subscription for the Android phone application.

Follow the steps below;

      After logging in, you'll be logged into your Disney Plus account.

      On the upper part there is a Subscribe option in blue.

      Click it.

      There will be a variety of plans at the bottom of the page.

      The mobile plans will appear, just click on it.

      After you have selected the plan, you can click the Continue by Mobile option.

      After that, you can rest for a bit.

      Following that the payment detail page will appear.

      Input the details of the payment method you are using.

      Complete all the information and pay the bill.

      Enter the OPT and verify the transaction.

      This is it. Your Disney Plus plan is set in the Android mobile application.

      Now you can get the Disney Plus subscription from your phone.

How to register devices to a single account of

You can connect up to six devices in one account on Disney plus. You can connect your Tv application with that account. The Disney Plus application is available on Android TV, Apple TV, Roku TV, Amazon Fire Tv and more. If your television is basic or intelligent it will need connect to an other external Roku gadget or Amazon Firestick device. You will then be able to access Disney plus app on your TV. Follow the steps below to sign up your TV with your Disney Plus subscribed accounts.

      Turn on your TV by using the remote control.

      If you do not possess the Disney plus app on your TV visit the Play Store on TV.

      Search on the internet for Disney plus.

      Then Install this application.

      That's it.

      Then, launch the application and choose the language.

      Go to the My Accounts option.

      After that, you will find the sign-in with code option.

      Click on Sign-in and enter a code.

      You will then be able to see the code for Six digits on the TV screen.

      The code should remain in the same format as it appears displayed on the TV screen.

      Take another device, which can be a computer or phone.

      Start the browser on that device.

      In the browser, search for the URL

      Then Disney plus will appear.

      Sign in or log into your account with the username you created to it.

      Then, enter the six numbers that are on the screen of your TV.

      When you've entered your code, click"Activate" after entering the code. Activate option.

      This is it. The code will be active on your TV.

How do I activate my Disney Plus Account on Samsung smart TV?

This is how to enable your Disney Plus account for Samsung smart TV;

      Turn on your Samsung smart Tv.

      Then , in the bar for search, type in to find Disney Plus application.

      Install the program.

      After installation, open the application.

      Select the desired language, then insert it into the My Accounts within the program.

      You will then be able to see the activation code.

      Let the code remain as it is.

      Use the other device to start the browser.

      Then search for login/begin code.

      After that, log in with your already existing subscription account of

      Enter the activation code that appears on the TV screen.

      Then click for to activate the Activate option.

      That's it.