Start your mornings with a strong cup of Assam tea
Tea is one of the most refreshing beverages in the world. It is enjoyed by most because of the varieties it has and the health benefits it provides. The English love this beverage and for many, a day is incomplete without a few sips of tea. Black tea and Assam tea are among the best tea varieties you will ever find and every cup of these teas provides you with renewed energy, lower stress and a range of health benefits.

Black tea is the more oxidized version of tea and has a stronger flavour. There are essentially two varieties of tea leaves used in making this tea – the Chinese small leaf variety and the Assamese large leaf variety. Interestingly, when this tea is brewed, it has a dark red colour and this is what the Chinese call it. The English call it black because of the extra oxidization it goes through.

This form of tea has immense benefits for the body and the mind. It is high in anti-oxidants and this alone makes it a healthy beverage. It has anti-cancer properties and it