SmartLynx to introduce A330-300 freighters
SmartLynx to introduce A330-300 freighters
First aircraft is due to join the SmartLynx fleet in 2023.

SmartLynx to introduce A330-300 freighters

SmartLynx Airlines, a EU-based operator and part of the Avia Solutions Group, has signed an agreement with Air Transport Services Group (ATSG) to be one of the first customers to take delivery of 6 Airbus A330-300 P2F converted cargo freighters under terms of a six-year lease.

"The introduction of the new A330-300 P2F will reflect the company's commitment to operating a modern, and environmentally-friendly fleet." according to an official statement from SmartLynx.

Zygimantas Surintas, CEO, SmartLynx Airlines

"The introduction of the A330-300 is a logical step and one which creates relevant synergies with the rest of our fleet – A330 Pax and A321F units – and as an aircraft which will see increased popularity in a post-Covid environment," says Zygimantas Surintas, CEO, SmartLynx Airlines. "For us, the move comes as part of our fleet modernisation strategy providing greater capacity and efficiency and is another step towards SmartLynx Airlines becoming a leading global player in the air cargo marketplace.

The first of the aircraft is due to join the SmartLynx fleet in 2023. With a maximum structural payload of up to 61 tonnes and a range of up 6,660 kilometres (3,600 nm), "the A330-300's combination of payload and range place the aircraft as a unique and perfect solution for cargo operators when the availability of freighters is inadequate to cover the market requirements."

"We welcome SmartLynx Airlines as the first customer for our A330 lease deployments," says Mike Berger, Chief Commercial Officer, ATSG. "We intend to continue expanding our lease options for e-commerce and express shipping customers around the world while providing a suite of complementary service options, including engine and airframe maintenance support, flight services and logistics."

The A330-300 conversions offer an impressive range of features:

• Main deck cargo door: 141" clear width & 101" clear height, hydraulically operated

• Reinforced floor grid & new freighter floor panels

• Cargo Loading System

• Additional revenues per flight – The 96" side-by-side AMV containers make full use of Airbus superior cross-section allowing up to 10% more volume compared to 88" × 125" ULD, the statement added.