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Services | Evocatus | Team Problem Solving Games Swindon
We offer a wide range of services here at Evocatus Consulting. Led by Anthony Sharman, we offer Team Problem Solving Games to businesses in Swindon and much more. Get in touch to see how we can help your business.

Our service offering is vast. From team problem solving games for Swindon companies through to business development planning and training solutions for companies in London, we can help. Led by Anthony Sharman, our services have been designed to help businesses overcome challenges they may face. 

Testing Plans

Testing plans before putting them into action allows teams to check that the plan works (at least in theory), to identify potential problems and to identify where key decisions might need to be taken. Wargames to test a plan can be done at any level of sophistication, from a tabletop exercise through to a live rehearsal.

Team Building

There is a whole industry out there specialising in bringing people together and building them into cohesive teams. This isn’t an area we specialise in, but we think it’s important to mention that we tend to achieve great results along the way, alongside the specific tasks we’ve been hired for....more

Crisis Games

These can be run at any level of sophistication, from a simple tabletop discussion to an immersive exercise across a large area and supported by actors, bespoke film content and specialist advisors. With a design focus on achieving specific outcomes, the real value comes from the observation and review process, through which lessons can be identified and shared.

Consent Building


Before any big event, it pays to go through a rehearsal to minimise risk. The importance of the event and the risk of failure will determine the level of sophistication, but we can support anything from a single tabletop run through to a series of exercises to make sure everyone knows what to expect and even to practice contingency plans for dealing with the unexpected.

High Impact Events

Red Teaming

In military wargames, the enemy players are the 'Red Team'. The art of being an effective Red player is understanding the purpose of the exercise; it’s rarely to rip things apart and break everything. In the civilian world, we offer a similar skill set, gently challenging assumptions and running exercises to test plans and processes with an emphasis on stress-testing.

Decision Support

While decisions in business are increasingly supported by automated processes and algorithms, we understand the importance of emotional responses, innovation and human factors in decision-making and have experience of running sessions to analyse problems and come up with creative solutions.


Innovative organisations recognise the need to change and develop, but will also be concerned about the risks and costs of making significant changes. We can facilitate and manage scenario-based experiments which will allow for changes to be run out and tested in a controlled environment.

Leadership Development


We can help to develop corporate and individual resilience through carefully calibrated scenarios. Decision making under pressure, developing situational awareness and identifying team strengths and weaknesses can all contribute to collective resilience, particularly when delivered in a progressive way.

Explaining Ideas

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