Service you can always count on- Practo Clone
The sudden change inflicted upon us by the pandemic has forced us to reconsider a lot of things. One of them is our approach to telemedicine. Previously people were highly skeptical about it. But now it has become quite indispensable. The telemedicine industry is the new normal, and it is here to stay.

Studies show that 74% of millennials prefer telehealth visits to in-person doctor visits. Up to 89% of patients are willing to accept telemedicine as an acceptable form of medical care. 93% of clinicians believe that telehealth is an "acceptable" method and 60% believe it is a "very effective" method of patient care overall.

It gives us a glimpse into the future of telemedicine. Step into the telemedicine industry through Inoru's telemedicine software development which offers solutions enabled by the latest technology trends in the industry. Such as,

  • App development for pharmacies

  • Doctor on-demand development

  • Dispatch software solution

  • Medical appointment scheduling software

Apart from this, you can also set foot in the telemedicine industry using Inoru's practo clone app- developed with care and precision by the experts with over 14+ years of experience in the industry. It possesses the benefits of the original along with some added innovative features. They are as follows,

  • Voice Calls

  • Doctor calendars

  • Multi-user chat

  •  Record video calls

  •  Treatment notes

  • Promo codes 

Earn money through,

  • Advertisements

  • Commissions 

  • Subscription fee

With everything becoming digitalized, the healthcare industry is likely to follow suit. In order to get off to a good start in the industry, invest in our Practo clone app and take your business to new heights. Get in touch with us to know more about it.