Samantha Speaks about her Health issue
Samantha Speaks about her Health issue
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Tollywood News: Actress Samantha is playing the lead role in Yashoda. In this pan-India movie, she acted as a surrogate mother. This film made in the thriller genre and is releasing worldwide on 11th of this month. However, due to Samantha's illness, no promotions have been done till now. But, for the first time, he gave an interview for 'Yashoda' with Suma who hosted the show. In this interview, Samantha became emotional talking about her Myositis.

The issue of Samantha's illness has been a hot topic of discussion lately. So, after Samantha divorce, the word myositis went viral once again. Since Samantha announced that she was suffering from this disease, everybody has wished her a speedy recovery. But Samantha's fans were deeply worried. They wished their favorite actress a speedy recovery on social media. Prayed to the gods. The industry's leading actors and actress have also expressed their support for Samantha on social media.

Samantha, who told about her illness through social media, did not talk about it again after that. However, now for the first time, Samantha has given clarity about her health. She was herself dubbed for this movie in Telugu and Tamil. She posted the same photo while dubbing on social media and told about her illness. The pic shows that Samantha sat leaning on the sofa with saline in one hand and dubbing in the other. Samantha could not do any publicity for 'Yashoda' except for this one photo. This is due to her illness.

However, as the release date is nearing, she gave an interview for 'Yashoda' for the first time and explained the struggle and quest she went through for 'Yashoda'. Also, she opened up about his illness for the first time. She said that "I went through some good days and some bad days in life" in her social medial post. "Many people are struggling, including myself. We will win this fight" said a trembling voice. She made one thing clear about her health at this time.


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