Salesforce and Accenture Help ISDI Reduce its Environmental Impact
Salesforce and Accenture Help ISDI Reduce its Environmental Impact
The first customer in France to use Sustainability Cloud, the platform analyzes the greenhouse gas emissions of ISDI’s Paris training center and its visitors

The first customer in France to use Sustainability Cloud, the platform analyzes the greenhouse gas emissions of ISDI’s Paris training center and its visitors

ISDI, a Salesforce-approved global training organization, has collaborated with Salesforce and Accenture (NYSE: ACN) to help analyze its carbon footprint and reduce its impact on the environment with Salesforce Sustainability Cloud. The data-driven insights on greenhouse gas emissions provided by the platform have helped ISDI implement a comprehensive sustainability policy that also raises awareness among the Salesforce community and the trailblazers visiting its centers.

Accredited by the Salesforce Trailhead Academy, ISDI has offices in Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Mexico City, and Silicon Valley. Since its creation in 2009, its centers have trained more than 27,000 professionals through its on-site, online and hybrid programs.

Accenture helped integrate Salesforce Sustainability Cloud into the business strategy, operating model and technology foundation of ISDI’s Paris training center. As a result, ISDI is the first company in France to use the technology to quickly monitor, analyze and communicate reliable environmental data, allowing it to adjust its actions to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. For example, analytics and rich data visualization provides ISDI with a detailed view of its energy consumption and emission trends, helping it to make more sustainable decisions. The platform also allows ISDI to benchmark emission factors and track the achievement of greenhouse gas reduction targets on a quarterly basis.

ISDI is also using Sustainability Cloud as the basis for an innovative new service that calculates the carbon footprint of each visitor to its Paris center based on the types of transportation used, length of hotel stay, and energy use onsite. Accenture developed a dashboard that can display the total carbon footprint of visitors in the lobby and an email informs them of the offsets they can make on site and invites them to participate in a reforestation project with Reforest’Action.

“Salesforce and Accenture have helped us develop our green strategy in our new training center in Paris, reflecting our commitment to more sustainable business practices,” said Victor Kessler, head of ISDI in France. “The solution complements other measures we have already taken – such as choosing a 100% green electricity supplier, recycling services, as well as a zero plastic approach and the use of eco-friendly products certified for site maintenance – and will become a model for our other training centers around the world.”

The collaboration with ISDI builds on Salesforce and Accenture’s recently expanded alliance which combines Accenture’s Sustainability Services, Salesforce Sustainability Cloud, and Salesforce Customer 360 to help companies embed sustainability into the core of their business, meet growing customer and stakeholder expectations, and contribute to advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Micaël Debast, managing director and Accenture Salesforce Business Group lead in France, said, “We believe that every business needs to have sustainability at the top of its agenda. We’re delighted to have worked hand-in-hand with Salesforce to help ISDI build sustainability into the foundation of its business, helping them to operate responsibly and deliver on their values.”

ISDI is betting on the adoption of a hybrid way of working as a result of the pandemic and is committed to recreating the social bond between its employees and visitors to its centers. Opened in early 2021, ISDI’s 800m² digital acceleration center in the heart of Paris provides six training rooms that can accommodate 200 people. Specially designed for the hybrid work model of the future, the center brings together professionals, entrepreneurs and businesses to develop of their skills while raising awareness of sustainable practices.

While it can take up to six months to calculate a company’s carbon footprint, Salesforce Sustainability Cloud provides companies with in-depth data on their sustainability initiatives and performance in just six weeks. For more information, visit