Sabse Pehle Life Insurance | Cover360
Sabse Pehle Life Insurance | Cover360
Sabse Pehle Life Insurance - Sabse Pehle Life Insurance campaign is initiated by IRDA to create awareness on the importance of life insurance. Compare premium and buy best insurance plan online.

Importance of Life Insurance

The value of life is best realised when we imagine the future of our loved ones without us. All of us have had this dread of leaving the people who we always protected and cared for, alone in this rather cruel world. But no matter how much endearing is the idea of spending our lives with our loved ones, we can never know when life takes an ugly turn. Life isn't assured, but it can definitely be insured.

Quoting V Manickam, Secretary, Life Insurance Council, ", "As part of Indian culture, our elders have always stressed on doing the most essential things first and then opt to carry on with other things. This is an integral part of the day to day conversations. "Sabse Pehle Life Insurance" comes from this very cultural nuance and will help establish an understanding of the essentiality of life insurance in our lives and the need to treat it as a topmost priority while planning for life."

Speaking of culture, saving money has been an integral part of the culture of India. Be it saving by investing in gold, or the day-to-day saving of non-financial assets by women of the household, Indian culture has always stressed upon the need for saving to deal with eventualities.