Psychedelic Therapeutics Market Size, Share, Growth, Analysis and Forecast to 2030
Global Psychedelic Therapeutics Market is projected to grow at an annualized rate of ~15%, till 2030

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KeyMarket Insights

·       Nearly 70 players from across the worldpresently claim to be engaged in the development and evaluation of therapeuticcandidates based on a number of psychedelic compounds, such as ketamine andpsilocybin

·       The pipeline features product candidatesbased on a variety of psychedelic drug classes, which are being investigatedfor a wide range of target disease indications, and having different routes ofadministration

·       From a global perspective, this industry isanticipated to evolve significantly over the next few years as federal /regional regulators in different nations are gradually convinced of theclinical significance of this product class

·       Several organizations, having realized theuntapped opportunity within this emerging segment of psychedelic therapeutics,have awarded grants of over USD 275 million across 500+ instances between2015-2020

·       Several trials evaluating various psychedeliccompounds against a wide range of therapeutic indication have been registeredin the recent past

·       The growing interest is also reflected in thepartnership activity since 2017; a number of different types of deals involvingvarious drug classes have been established across multiple geographies

·       Presently, North American companies areactively consolidating their indigenous presence through strategicacquisitions; key value drivers behind such deals include both portfolio andgeographical expansion

·       A number of eminent scientists from renowneduniversities have emerged as key opinion leaders in this domain, owing to theiractive involvement in clinical development efforts related to interventionsbased on psychedelics

·       Future market size, based on revenue reportedfrom the sales of marketed and late stage psychedelic-based  therapies, is anticipated to be distributedacross different therapeutic areas and key geographical regions

Tableof Contents


1.1. Scopeof the Report

1.2. ResearchMethodology

1.3. ChapterOutlines



3.1. ChapterOverview

3.2. Historyof Psychedelic Substance

3.3. PotentialTherapeutic Application of Psychedelic Substance

3.4. Regulation,Toxicity Concerns, Procurement-Related Challenges and Perceptions RegardingMedical Use

3.5. FutureOpportunity


4.1. ChapterOverview

4.2. PsychedelicTherapeutics: Marketed and Development Pipeline

4.2.1.  Analysis by Phase of Development

4.2.2.  Analysis by Type of Psychedelic Substance

4.2.3.  Analysis by Origin of Psychedelic Substance

4.2.4.  Analysis by Target Therapeutic Area

4.2.5.  Analysis by Type of Therapy

4.2.6.  Analysis by Route of Administration

4.2.7.  Analysis by Dosing Frequency

4.3. PsychedelicTherapeutics: List of Developers

4.3.1.  Analysis by Year of Establishment

4.3.2.  Analysis by Company Size

4. 3.3.                Analysisby Location of Headquarters

4.4. GridAnalysis: Distribution by Phase of Development, Origin of Psychedelic Substanceand Location of Headquarters


5.1. ChapterOverview

5.2. CelonPharma

5.2.1.  Company Overview

5.2.2.  Financial Information

5.2.3.  Psychedelic Therapeutics Portfolio     Esketamine DPI

5.2.4.  Recent Developments and Future Outlook

5.3. iXBiopharma

5.3.1.  Company Overview

5.3.2.  Financial Information

5.3.3.  Psychedelic Therapeutics Portfolio     Wafermine™     Unnamed (Ketamine)

5.3.4.  Recent Developments and Future Outlook

5.4. MAPSPublic Benefit

5.4.1.  Company Overview

5.4.2.  Financial Information

5.4.3.  Psychedelic Therapeutics Portfolio     Unnamed (MDMA)     Unnamed (Ibogaine Hydrochloride)     Unnamed (LSD)     Unnamed (Ayahuasca)

5.4.4.  Recent Developments and Future Outlook

5.5. MindMed

5.5.1.  Company Overview

5.5.2.  Psychedelic Therapeutics Portfolio     Unnamed (LSD)     Unnamed (MDMA)     18-MC     Unnamed (DMT)     Unnamed (LSD, MDMA)

5.5.3.  Recent Developments and Future Outlook

5.6. JanssenPharmaceuticals

5.6.1.  Company Overview

5.6.2.  Financial Information

5.6.3.  Psychedelic Therapeutics Portfolio     SPRAVATO®

5.6.4.  Recent Developments and Future Outlook

5.7. JazzPharmaceutical

5.7.1.  Company Overview

5.7.2.  Financial Information

5.7.3.  Psychedelic Therapeutics Portfolio     XYREM®     JZP-258     JZP-324

5.7.4.  Recent Developments and Future Outlook


6.1. ChapterOverview

6.2. Scopeand Methodology

6.3. PsychedelicTherapeutics: Clinical Trial Analysis

6.3.1.  Analysis by Trial Registration Year

6.3.2.  Analysis by Trial Phase

6.3.3.  Analysis by Trial Recruitment Status

6.3.4.  Analysis by Trial Registration Year andNumber of Patients Enrolled

6.3.5.  Analysis by Study Design

6.3.6.  Leading Trial Sponsors: Analysis by Number ofRegistered Trials

6.3.7.  Leading Players: Analysis by Number ofRegistered Trials

6.3.8.  Analysis by Trial Focus

6.3.9.  Analysis by Target Therapeutic Area

6.3.10.              Popular Psychedelic Substance: Analysis byNumber of Registered Trials

6.3.11.              Geographical Analysis by Number of RegisteredTrials

6.3.12.              Geographical Analysis by Number of PatientsEnrolled


7.1. ChapterOverview

7.2. Scopeand Methodology

7.3. PsychedelicTherapeutics: Clinical Trial Site Analysis

7.3.1.  Analysis by Geographical Location     Clinical Trial Sites in North America         Analysis by Trial Phase         Analysis by Target Therapeutic Area         Analysis by Trial Phase and TargetTherapeutic Area     Clinical Trial Sites in Europe         Analysis by Trial Phase         Analysis by Target Therapeutic Area         Analysis by Trial Phase and TargetTherapeutic Area     Clinical Trial Sites in Asia Pacific         Analysis by Trial Phase         Analysis by Target Therapeutic Area         Analysis by Trial Phase and TargetTherapeutic Area

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