Plastic surgeries that makes you more attractive
Plastic surgeries that makes you more attractive
Dr. Mohan offers top-quality surgery for Mommy Makeover in San Antonio to rid of the bodily imperfections that come with childbirth at an affordable price. At Veda Medical we offer a range of surgical mommy makeover procedures to reclaim their per-baby body.

Mommy Makeover Surgery

First of all, congratulations on the amazing feat of having children. The fantastic things that happen during pregnancy and childbirth can transform your life. These events can make one think differently about what is essential, but they can also profoundly impact one's health, with some lasting effects.


Dr Pradeep Mohan can offer patients cosmetic solutions to common changes that occur after childbirth and child-rearing. These surgeries are collectively called mommy makeover. They often involve simultaneous breast and abdomen contouring. These combined procedures can have life-altering results, with patients reporting increased self-confidence and improved sexual health.



The mommy makeover is a combination of breast enlargement and body shaping to correct the unintended effects of childbirth. Dr Pradeep Singh Mohan can help restore the body you had before becoming pregnant with a series of custom procedures. A mommy makeover usually includes breast surgery, a belly tuck and other methods that address the most affected areas of pregnancy. The mommy makeover procedure is highly customizable and can suit your needs. Mommy Makeover near me San Antonio is the best place to get your mommy makeup. This double board-certified plastic surgery is one of the most respected in the industry.


Mommy Makeover breast procedures typically address damaged deflated and stretched breasts. This is done by removing excess skin damage and moving the nipple using a breast lift procedure. Breast augmentation or breast fat transfers are performed for patients who desire more volume. In and out of clothing, the goal is to have a more youthful-looking breast shape. Fat grafting involves the removal of fat from one side of the body during mommy makeover surgery. We also offer Facetite services please visit Facetite near me San Antonio.


Who is the Ideal Candidate?

Dr Pradeep Mohan, our San Antonio, Texas, practice, will consult with you to assess your medical history to determine if a Mommy Makeover is correct for you. The ideal candidate for a mommy makeover is healthy and willing to do the right things.

  • Be sure to keep your abdominal tissue loose.
  • Drooping or weak breasts
  • Stretched nipples and areolas
  • Persistent body fat

Patients should also undergo surgery and not have any medical conditions that could compromise their safety. It is crucial to note that you should have children by getting a mommy makeover, and future pregnancy could cause problems. Dr Pradeep Mohan will meet with you to discuss your expectations and determine if the surgery is safe and effective.


What Should I Expect from My Mommy Makeovers?


You will be prepared for surgery when you come to Veda medical for your mommy makeover surgery. As discussed during your consultation, either general or local anesthesia will be used. The mommy makeover takes place using the procedures discussed during your consultation. Find out more about Dr Pradeep M. Mohan's plastic surgery techniques. The most common procedures performed in a mommy makeover are breast augmentation, liposuction, and tummy tuck.


The most popular belly surgeries are a Tummy tuck San Antonioliposuction. They also correct rectus diastasis (rectus abdominals) and umbilical hernias. Scars and damaged skin can also be removed. You will notice a more defined waistline and a tighter, younger belly button. The wounds will then be concealed beneath most underwear and bikini bottoms.


Others women may want contouring of their extremities. These are called arm-lifts and thigh lifts. Because patients are concerned about visible scarring, these procedures are rarely combined. Liposuction can sometimes work without needing to remove the skin. However, the results are still acceptable.

Although there is a higher up-front expense, the result is a dramatic cost reduction by avoiding multiple procedures. Patients have one recovery period so they can make dramatic changes. Dr Pradeep Mohan can tailor the techniques to your needs as long as they are safe to combine. We offer best Plastic surgery San Antonio, TX.


Breast Augmentation

Dr Pradeep S. Mohan may recommend breast augmentation as part of your mommy makeover to increase breast volume. Best Plastic Surgeon for Breast Augmentation San Antonio can provide Naturally Soft Touch and Breast Augmentation using fat grafting, also known as natural or natural breast augmentation. These techniques can be used to enhance the shape and size of the chest and symmetry after nursing. For breast implant surgery, small incisions are required - usually around the nipple, underarm or below the breast - to insert the implant.


The implant can be placed directly above or below your chest muscles. These issues will be discussed with you during your consultation.

To further remodel and restore breasts, you might consider breast lift methods. Some women opt to have their breasts reduced, depending on how they feel about pregnancy. Discuss about Breast Augmentation with Dr Pradeep Mohan.


Breast Reduction Surgery

Women who have large breasts can experience social isolation or pain. Veda Medical San Antonio plastic surgeons may recommend breast reduction if your breasts are so large that they cause discomfort. This joint surgery reduces discomfort and pain by making breasts smaller.


The primary reason for breast removal is symptomatic macromastia. This condition can be seen in San Antonio. This condition may limit your participation in particular sports and activities. You may feel self-conscious about how your body looks. Breast reduction surgery has many benefits:

  • Large breasts may cause lower back and neck pain.
  • Reduction of skin rashes under the breasts
  • It is possible to eliminate the need for bras of a specific size and correct any breast asymmetry.

Under general anesthesia, breast reduction can be performed. It can be done using liposuction to reduce breast size or through an incision made in the breast. While liposuction leaves less scarring, it is not suitable for a significant reduction in breast size.


Dr Pradeep Singh Mohan will perform a larger-scale decrease by making an anchor-shaped incision at your breast, around your areola. The doctor will remove excess breast tissue as well as skin. He will also elevate your breasts to achieve a more youthful appearance. The doctor will lift your breasts to expose the nipple, and then close the incisions.



You will receive instructions and support from the trusted professionals at Breast Reduction near me San Antonio after your Breast Reduction Surgery. Post-operative discomfort can be managed with pain medication, and you might also need to care about your incisions or surgical drains.


What is BOTOX, and how does it work?

BOTOX (r) is an easy and effective way of rejuvenating the skin and reducing the appearance of frown lines, laugh lines and crow feet. Dr Pradeep Mohan, San Antonio Board Certified Dermatologist, injects BOTOX (r), a derivative of Botulinum toxins type A.


BOTOX (r) stops wrinkle-causing muscle activity. Botox San Antonio TX dermatologists can treat moderate-severe lines between the eyebrows and the crow's feet using BOTOX(r). The majority of patients will see results in 7 days, and however, the effects can last for up to 4 months. This FDA-approved treatment can also be used multiple times per year.


BOTOX(r), a non-surgical treatment for facial wrinkles, is best for those suffering from the upper face. For anyone looking for a non-surgical way to rejuvenate skin, BOTOX (r) is a good option.


In Veda Medical dermatology clinic, BOTOX(r), treatments are common. Patients are usually in and out in 30 minutes. BOTOX (r) is administered directly to the skin's facial areas by a fine needle. The amount of wrinkling and the state of the skin will determine the dosage. The outpatient procedure of BOTOX(r) is quick and patients can resume their daily lives after the treatment.


Some minor swelling may occur after a BOTOX (r) treatment at the injection site. The swelling and reddening will subside quickly and generally disappears within an hour. Avoid exercise for the first 18-24hrs. Patients should rest on their backs the first night. Results following BOTOX(r) are not instant. The patient will begin to notice a smoother, more radiant complexion within seven days. Our Dermatology patients love their results, and we have them return every quarter for retreatment so they can keep their stunning results.


Depending on the treatment area, BOTOX (r) costs between $250-500. The amount of BOTOX(r) used by each patient will vary. Some patients will choose only to treat the forehead while others will treat multiple areas (frown lines and crow's feet), which will raise the overall cost. We will examine your skin to determine the amount of BOTOX(r) needed to achieve your desired results.


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