Pea Protein Market Size
Pea Protein Market – Global Industry Dynamics 2019-20, Trends and Forecast, 2021–2028

Pea Protein Market Revenue, Opportunity, Segment and Key Trends 2020-2028

Industry Probe has titled an upcomingreport as “Pea Protein Market – Global Industry Dynamics 2019-20, Trends andForecast, 2021–2028” to its ever-growing database of reports. The reportexplicates the market for peaproteinvia a sequence of channels that incorporate data ranging from fundamentalinformation to an unquestionable projection. It further includes all theprimary factors that are expected to undergo definite transformation within themarket. The data accessible in the report therefore can be used to augment thestanding of the company operating in the global pea protein market.

While pea protein powder has long beensurpassed by whey protein as the most popular form of protein powder, it hasrecently gained more popularity as top vegan protein powder, especially sincethe benefits of a plant-rich or completely plant-based diet have been madeknown. According to the study, pea protein is just as efficient as whey proteinin enhancing body composition and exercise performance, it’s no wonder thatmore health-conscious people are switching to it as a staple of a high-protein,plant-rich diet. Moreover, pea protein is crammed with antioxidants andnutrients to support weight loss. It is the perfect protein supplement for thevegan diet as well. Depending on the brand of powder, the nutritional value canchange imperceptibly. These multiple factors supporting health and wellness arefueling the global pea protein market.

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The pea protein market is gaining itspopularity worldwide for its multi-beneficial healthy advantages, especially inthe weight loss market. High protein diets support weight loss by speeding upmetabolism and decreasing food consumption. Protein supplements like peaprotein create heat in the body through the process of digestion known as thethermic effect. As proteins take a lot of energy to digest, a lot of energy isrequired to digest the meal with high protein which burns a lot of calories.Building a weight loss strategy around lean sources of protein like pea powdermakes nutritional sense. Hence, the demand for pea protein is increasing and isanticipated to further rise in the upcoming years.

The global pea protein market isfragmented in nature and is expected to witness increased competition in thecoming years, owing to the entry of new players in the global market.Manufacturers are focusing on product innovation and strong marketing, anddistribution strategies to meet the increasing demand from consumers across theglobe, thereby leading to the overall growth of the market. Key playersoperating in the global pea proteinmarketare AxiomFoods, Kerry Inc., Rouquette Group, Ingredion, Emsland Group, Puris,FENCHEM, DuPont, Glanbia plc, The Green Labs LLC, A&B Ingredients, TheScoular Company, Burcon, COSUCRA, Shandong Jianyuan Group, AGT Food andIngredients, Yantai Shuangta Food co., LTD, Batory Foods, and SOTEXPRO.

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