patent wall art
patent wall art
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patent wall art

Wall art is a large piece of artwork that can be hung in the interior or exterior of a building. Some examples include murals, paintings and mosaics. Different materials can be used, including paint (or physical powder), mosaic tiles, silk screen prints, porcelain enamel, metal sheets and plastic sheets.

The term also covers graffiti; wall drawings such as frescoes are not generally considered wall art either. The Wall Art Project is an international project to create a database that documents all relevant information on the subject of "wall art".

Although there is little criticism of the concept of wall art, there is a growing body of evidence that many examples are not well made, whether executed by professional artists or amateurs. For example, it was found in a study that the work of many artists is poorly executed and displays poor craftsmanship.

Some have suggested that wall art reflects a certain period or way of life. A recent work of art can be thought to have less worth than a piece from an earlier time, even though the older piece may be significantly less sophisticated as art.

The term "wall art" is usually used to refer to pieces of art that are meant to be hung on walls, but not necessarily on the wall itself. The term is also used in this manner for murals and mosaics. In the case of a mural or mosaic, the main theme is often created by means of drawings, which are then painted or tiled onto walls. There have been instances where the artwork has been removed in order to create a new wall, such as a war memorial or political poster—though generally this practice is frowned upon. Read more....