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Studyinformation is subject to change and is a summary of the general fields of study. Thisinformation was compiled for introduction and orientation purposes and the North-West University acceptsno liability for inaccuracies that may occur in this guide. The officialyearbook of the University must in all cases be consulted during the process ofcompiling a programme for a specific field of study. The appropriate yearbookis available on request at: / 018 285 4320 / Get moreinformation about Universities in South Africa


Pleasenote that, owing to specific capacity constraints, the University reserves theright to select candidates for admission to certain fields of study. This meansthat prospective students who comply with the minimum requirements will notautomatically be admitted to the courses in question. Because of the capacitylimitations and the high demand from students for admission to particularfields of study, students will be selected on the basis of their Grade 12results for admission to these fields.


•        Economic and Management Sciences

•        Education

•        Engineering

•        Health Sciences

•        Humanities

•        Law

•        Natural and Agricultural Sciences

•        Theology



Alluniversities in South Africa were obligated by law to take part in a NationalProject driven by the regulatory bodies (Department of Higher Education anTraining (DHET), the Council on Higher Education (CHE) and the South AfricanQualifications Authority (SAQA), to align all qualifications with the HigherEducation Qualification Sub Framework (HEQSF). The NWU is thus currently in anongoing process of aligning our qualification and programme offering with therequirements of  the HEQSF.


Prospectivestudents must take notice of the fact that NWU qualification names, programmenames as well as the composition of curricula may change due to the HEQSFProject, prior to registration for the 2018 academic year. Successfulcandidates are advised to contact the relevant faculty in order to ensure thatthey register for thecorrect qualification, programme and /or curriculum.


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