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How to fix Netgear Wireless Router Network Issues?

On a bad day, a wireless router could be plagued with a copious amount of technical issues. From poor signal reception to slow data speed, setup problem to the corrupt firmware, routers might encounter unexpected outage at any point in time, even with the best of the practices. So if you’re looking for a legit solution to the entire router problem then read out this blog till the end. This blog incorporates a step by step guide that let you counteract common router issues with confidence. If you want to explore more information on that, don’t forget to give us a call on Netgear Customer Support.

●      The troubleshooting process of any wireless network router commences with the checking of the port connections. To get started, hover to the back of the router and ensure that the power and the Ethernet cable are firmly connected into the ports.

●      If the connectivity is not the problem then connect your router with the PC via an Ethernet cable. Then on your web browser, type in the URL bar and press enter key.

●      Enter your username and password in the Authentication dialog box.

●      Click the Login button to continue.

●      From the top menu, explore the ADVANCED tab and select the Administration from the left menu.

●      Here you will be confronted with a couple of options including Router status, attached devices, set password, etc. Select Router Update option from the list.

●      On the subsequent window, click Check button located on the upper-left corner.

●      Now the Netgear server will automatically diagnose your router for an outdated firmware. Click the Update button if the new update is available. Updating the router often overcome the technical issues associated with the Netgear router.

The signal strength of wireless router degrades overtimes. To counter that problem, you can use Netgear Power line WiFi extender to extend the coverage of your Netgear router. Also, you can avail some helpful tips from our expert to get optimum signal strength from the router. If you want to grab more information on that, don’t forget to hire an expert from our technical support.

Short summary

Netgear offers an exceptional range of networking device to cater to the global demand. Netgear wireless routers incorporate some of the best hardware to deliver excellent performance overtime. If for any reason your Netgear wireless router falls short of desired performance or confronting some technical issues, you must contact Netgear Customer Service