Meet Bosnia-Offering Unforgettable Experience For Every Bosnia Visit
Meet Bosnia-Offering Unforgettable Experience For Every Bosnia Visit
Security of the luggage is guaranteed, so the traveler is at ease while exploring the city

Meet Bosnia-Offering Unforgettable Experience For Every Bosnia Visit

OCTOBER 17, 2022/BOSNIA, EUROPE: People need to go on a vacation to help them relax and clear their minds. Travelling also helps in understanding the culture of a place and tasting new delicasies. Although many travel agencies are expensive and unreliable, some of them charge pocket-friendly prices. Meet Bosnia is one of the travel agencies that was established to stimulate tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina with pocket-friendly charges. The travel agency offers a variety of tour options for people willing to explore Bosnia. It also provides other services such as the client's luggage safety and facilitating a walking tour.

Reasons to Visit Sarajevo

Sarajevo is a city known for its cultural and religious diversity. The people and food in this city make the stay unforgettable. This city is surrounded by mountains and it also has a pleasant climate, which offers a wide range of activities, leaving everyone satisfied. Another interesting fact about Sarajevo is that it hosted the Winter Olympic games in 1984. There are also four major religions in the city. Sarajevo is also among the cities with the longest sieges in modern history. History has it that World War I started in this city.

Luggage Storage

Sarajevo's tour agency offers luggage storage services for all travelers. The location of the agency is in the heart of Sarajevo, where travelers won't have problems exploring the city as they wait for check-in or departure. Security of the luggage is guaranteed, so the traveler is at ease while exploring the city. This luggage storage option is available from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily . For all the guests who have booked a tour with Meet Bosnia travel agency, their luggage is stored free of charge.

Sarajevo Walking Tour

The Sarajevo Old Town Walking Tour from Meet Bosnia Travel Agency starts at 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. daily. This walking tour is one of the ways of exploring the history and most remarkable landmarks of Sarajevo. It also allows the tourists to have a first-hand experience of the diversity, food, and hospitality of the Sarajevo community. The sites that are most visited are The Old Orthodox Church, The Oldest Street in Sarajevo, Sarajevo City Hall, the Jewish Synagogue, and Sarajevo Roses, among others. All these sites help visitors understand why the beautiful city of Sarajevo is also known as the Jerusalem of Europe.

About Meet Bosnia Travel Agency

While looking to travel, people often look for agencies with experience in the travel industry. Those agencies that keep the client's needs first are also preferred. Meet Bosnia is a travel agency accustomed to promoting tourism in Herzegovina and Bosnia. The agency's mission is to ensure that the clients return to Bosnia after their first visit. A team of professional guides is dedicated to ensuring that the tourists feel closer to the culture of the people of Bosnia. The Meet Bosnia travel agency also provides foreign services and all necessities for students planning to stay in Bosnia for a longer period.