Make your e-learning app engaging to learners with the spectacular features of 2021
Make your e-learning app engaging to learners with the spectacular features of 2021
An e-learning platform will enable the users to learn new courses engagingly. Udemy is one good example of offering the best quality content. It would be best to prefer the Udemy clone app for your business.

Udemy Clone App Development

Technology has revolutionized the education industry. What is e-learning? It is the modern approach of education that facilitates the learners to gain knowledge virtually. Distance education, distance learning, online learning, and internet learning refers to the same. Users need only a computer, smartphones, or electronic devices with a stable internet connection. They can learn various courses from this online education platform. 

Major advantages of the e-learning platform

There are numerous advantages of the e-learning platform. Some of them are as follows.

Firstly, learners can learn at any time according to their convenience. Secondly, they have different choices of courses available so that they can choose the preferred one. Mostly, they do not have to spend much money on learning courses and can take their own time in completing the chosen course. Also, they can learn while working as they do not have to travel to any location for learning. 

Top 3 popular e-learning apps & websites

Every year, many educational websites/apps have been launched. But, only the best apps get recognized and used by the learners. What are the most popular e-learning apps in 2021? Read on.


It offers all types of courses, including traditional ones (marketing/IT), technology, Cooking, Science, Drawing, and much more. It is a preferable app among the learners as they have various options to choose from. Moreover, its team created more courses when compared to Coursera to stand ahead of the competition. The quality review system incorporated in the app assures that all the courses uploaded meet the high standard. 


Secondly, Coursera is a well-known online education platform that allows students to access universities, museums, and other institutions hassle-free. It is also equipped with more than 1100 courses. Despite this, it provides free courses for new users and so they like to give it a try. Users who pay for courses get a certificate upon the completion of the selected course.


edX acts as a virtual gateway to McGill University, which is located in Canada. Students can access the best-quality educational programs. Also, they can get a degree in the chosen program. 

Engaging features of the educational app in 2021

Each e-learning platform offers different courses or educational programs. But, the one thing in common among the popular educational apps are features. If you are planning to develop an app like Udemy in 2021, consider the most engaging features of the e-learning app. A few of them are as follows.

Mobile learning

As per statistics, nearly 65% of people prefer using their smartphones for browsing work/study related information. It is predicted that the percentage will grow and reach almost 73% by 2025. Therefore, mobile apps pave a better way to engage your users.

Using Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

The two main sophisticated technologies in online education platforms are Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. An app with these technologies will be engaging and potentially lucrative. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tutors

AI tutors help to instruct learners anytime. Moreover, learners mostly prefer AI tutors as they can quickly adapt to their needs. Understanding your learners’ preference makes your app more appealing.

Personalized learning

It’s not a new approach. It has been around for ages. The in-app statistics and advanced features can help check the learners’ preferences, goals, needs, and activities. After knowing this, you can offer a personalized learning experience to the individual learner. 

Microlearning & Gamification

The primary aim of the e-learning app is to create new skills without the need of burning out, especially for corporate training. In general, microlearning consumes information in small details. 

Irrespective of the age, learners enjoy learning through the gaming experience. You can allow them to receive awards and compete with their peers. Obviously, it is no doubt that it is the most exciting feature in 2021.

Bottom line

I hope you get valuable information from this blog. If you are sure of developing an app like Udemy, hire a freelancer or connect with a clone app development company. Notably, the Udemy clone script makes this process simpler as it is a ready-to-launch solution. It is pre-built with basic features and cutting edge technology. 

Meanwhile, do not forget to include advanced and innovative features in your educational app. Let’s connect! We offer the best-quality app solution at a reasonable price.