Maine’s Rising HipHop Star Sending Waves in The HipHop Community
Maine’s Rising HipHop Star Sending Waves in The HipHop Community
Sim Lakia has been inspiring listeners with his originalsong writing and rhythmic content.

March, 2022 – Sim Lakia is sending strong vibe through the power of his lyrics. The words in the song Villains, is encouraging all people to show up and step up their hustle at all times. The force in the message is to just keep moving forward until they get away from the trenches.

Sim Lakia is a 24-year old from Portland, Maine and is the owner of Lakia Studios where he produces all his tracks. He is also the manager of Leo Legends Entertainment, a music group / talent management that manages a group of hip-hop artists based out of Maine. Among his notable works include Made It Out from Nightmare on Taft Avenue produced and released in 2021, Leo Season and Operate from In Reality, both produced and released at the same year.

Since 2019, Sim Lakia has been inspiring listeners with his original song writing and rhythmic content. Sim Lakia is quickly rising ranks as one of Maine’s most formidable and emerging name in the HipHop genre. The singer-songwriter is currently looking forward for new gigs and performances as well as the the release of his new song on Jake Paul (Ft. WULFE) on Sound Cloud. He plans to put on a show of a unique perspective and outlook for listeners of this beloved HipHop and rap culture.

The unique thing about Sim Lakia as an artist is that he is able to beautifully capture the spirit of the Hip Hop culture, by putting together a compelling and powerful set of narratives. This level of creativity and enthusiasm allows gives listeners the opportunity to have something close to their hearts to revel in. An artistic and creative force in HipHop/Rap industry, Sim Lakia hopes to not just showcase his own unique styles with his new releases, but also plans to relate and connect with all the listeners of his music.

Sim Lakia’s tracks and new releases are now available at SoundCloud, YouTube, Spotify, YouTube Music and Deezer.


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