Looking For the Best Logistics and Supply Chain Solutions? Look No Further Than Natex Intermodal
Being One Of Oldest Trucking Companies, Natex Intermodal Has The Most Efficient And Synchronized System Needed For Flawless Warehousing And Transit Of Freight.

CHICAGO, IL, OCTOBER 25, 2020 - Freight, logistics and intermodal drayage has long been a concern for companies shipping materials from one state to another or one country to another. Even the most popularly advertised ones often receive stern remonstrance for being ineffectual. Is there a company that is the ideal answer for the best supply chain solutions and intermodal drayage? Yes there is.

Cue, Natex Intermodal. The one company in all of the United States that handles intermodal drayage and every logistics with aplomb and with an enviable perfection. Always standing in contrast to the "one size fits all" solution, Natex Intermodal has worked with and possesses experience in working with clients in a wide range of industries and states.

Working with a third-party full-service provider like Natex intermodal drayage enables the client to tighten up their P&L to the piece; rather than having the overhead flexible costs of operating their own facility, equipment, staff and additional costs that go with operating a business. This also results in saving of time and money by working with a partner that actually cares about the business of its client.

"We have come a long, long way since be started. Our performance speaks for itself about the lengths we go to keep our clients happy everyday. Having been in the trucking business far longer than all the other companies, Natex has a solid experience in moving a lot of types of freight, which include; General Freight, Household Building Materials, Intermodal, US Mail, Dry Bulk, and Paper Products. Our USP? We treat freight like information. We take special measures to make sure the shipment arrives on time and in its best form. It is our privilege that clients continue and repeat their business with us", said the founder of Natex Intermodal.

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Natex Intermodal is a logistics company in the USA that stores and transits shipments from one point of the country to another.


Address - 8020 W 47th Lyons,IL 60534

Phone Number - 224-442-0388

Email - drivers@natextruck.com