Lifelong Learning With Pegasus |pips
Lifelong Learning With Pegasus |pips

Quality Early Childhood care is of vital importance to the growth and development of your child. Research on brain development and learning has shown just how important the early years are for a child’s learning and development. kindergarten singapore

At Pegasus, we take a multi-faceted approach: We understand that a child’s development and learning do not only take place in the classroom – they happen at home too. That is why we actively encourage parental involvement to provide our students with a holistic Early Learning experience. international preschool singapore

Children are naturally curious. From the moment they acquire an awareness of the world, they start to explore. As soon as they learn how to express themselves, they get into wonderment and will soar with confidence. Nothing is mightier than a child’s curiosity during their early years. best preschool singapore

Learning Through Exploration

Pegasus promotes an Inquiry-based Curriculum over traditional Role learning techniques. An immersive, Inquiry-based learning empowers children to observe, enquire, explore and comprehend their subject matter. We aim to expose our students to the joy of learning and we believe in equipping them with skills to actively explore their interests.

We have a team of dedicated, caring and highly qualified professionals – ready and willing to provide the upmost care and guidance.

What’s On

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Why Choose Us?

Pegasus kindergarten Singapore care for your children and their futures as much as you do.  We recognize our role, as a learning institution, in molding the young to be better learners, children, and dreamers. Thus, we provide our best efforts and strategies to support every child’s holistic development.

We aim for our childcare Singapore to be the best learning place for your kids. In Pegasus, the children have much to see and discover. Our environment is the third teacher to propel every child’s learning.

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