Lets Know the Process of Building Information Modelling
Lets Know the Process of Building Information Modelling
Building Information Modelling

The creation of intelligent data that can be used throughout the lifecycle of a building or infrastructure project is supported by the Building Information Modelling process.

·        Plan- Real-world data and reality capture are combined to create context models of the current built and natural environments, which can then be used to inform project planning.

·        Design- Conceptual design, analysis, detailing, and documentation are carried out during this phase. Scheduling and logistics are influenced by BIM data as the preconstruction phase gets underway.

·        Build- Fabrication using BIM specifications starts during this stage. To ensure the best timing and efficiency, project construction logistics are shared with tradespeople and contractors.

·        Operate- Operations and maintenance of finished assets use operate BIM data. Future cost-effective renovation or efficient deconstruction projects can also make use of BIM data.


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