Learn Details of the Global Healthcare Digital Marketing Service Providers Market Report by 2030
Presently, more than 120 companies claim to offer AR / VR and affiliated digital marketing services to the global healthcare industry, claims Roots Analysis

Overtime, various pharma players have taken advantage of these immersivetechnologies for education, training as well as marketing, purposes. Thesetechnologies have been demonstrated to be capable of driving better customerengagement, and generating useful insights based on their expectations andpurchase behaviors. Given the increasing demand for immersive technologies inthe healthcare and pharma marketing, several stakeholders are expected to forgealliances with AR / VR service providers in the foreseen future. Owing to therising interest of big pharma players in this domain, we expect an escalatedindustry-wide adoption of such technologies.

RootsAnalysis has announced the addition of “AR / VR based Healthcare DigitalMarketing Service Providers Market,2020-2030” report to its list of offerings.

TheUSD 3.04 billion (by 2030) financial opportunity within the AR / VR basedhealthcare digital marketing service providers market has been analyzed acrossthe following segments:

Typeof Technology

·       AR Based Services

·       MR Based Services

·       VR Based Services

Typeof product

·       Hardware

·       Software


·       Large Companies

·       Small and Mid-sized Companies

KeyGeographical Regions

·       North America

·       Europe

·       Asia-Pacific

·       Rest of the World

Keycompanies covered in the report

·       ARWorks

·       CG Life

·       CubeZoo

·       Impact XM

·       INVIVO Communications

·       Mirum

·       Pixacore

·       Random42

·       Quast Media

·       Tipping Point Media

·       vStream

Tableof Contents

1.       Preface

2.       Executive Summary

3.       Introduction

4.       AR / VR Based Healthcare Digital Marketing Companies: CurrentMarket Landscape

5.       Company Competitiveness Analysis

6.       Company Profiles

7.       Potential Strategic Partners

8.       Digital Marketing Related Initiatives of Big

Pharma Players

9.          Case Study

10.     Market Forecast

11.     Executive Insights

12.     Conclusion

13.     Appendix 1: Tabulated Data

14.     Appendix 2: List of Companies and Organisations

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