Launch an exquisite UrbanClap Clone facilitating multiple services
Progress your business to the global niche with Multiservice apps like UrbanClap clone

With the increasing market for the on-demand service, clubbing them into one, Multiservice businesses are flourishing. Through online mobile apps like UrbanClap, on-demand multiservice businesses are becoming widely popular. 

Many entrepreneurs are benefited through on-demand service apps facilitating multiple services. At INORU, we help you launch a fully-featured customizable multiservice app. Through our clone script technology, the app is made convenient to perform various tasks. 

While talking about multiple services, let us know the varied range of services that the UrbanClap clone script can offer its users and benefit the service provider and the admin of the app. 

The Multiservice app divides its service category into different sectors. 

  • Household services

From cleaning, electrician, plumbing, painting, laundry, car washing service are included. The babysitting service is also included under the home service in the app.

  • Tutoring services

The app facilitates home tutoring services for different subjects, including extracurricular activities like music, dance, yoga, instruments, and others.

  • Healthcare and Fitness services

Under the health care sector, this is the e-doctor facility, with pharma and medication. While on the other hand, to maintain fitness, personal trainers, diet suggestions, workout assistance, and tutoring are facilitated.

  • Packaging and moving

The app also eases logistics. From refurbishing, packing, transportation, delivery are facilitated. This also includes house/office shifting and moving. 

  • Design and architecture

Under this category, the app facilitates the user with CCTV installation, painting, interior designing, exteriors, fabric designing, and other things to enhance the house's beauty. 

  • Event planning services

The most important thing in organizing any event is planning and execution. From birthday parties, house parties, weddings, anniversary celebrations, etc. The app helps you easily plan and execute your needs. 

  • Business services

The app can facilitate business activities like helping with taxes, CA, PR services, software updates, etc. 

Moreover, in your Urbanclap clone, the app can incorporate any number of services according to the business capacity. Yet, above the business capacity, for the app to function effectively is very important, as it will be the main infrastructure for your online business. 

By reaching out at INORU, we help you develop and launch a robust, full-featured UrbanClap clone with increased customization and flexibility through our clone script technology.