Key Statistics of Virtual Events
Key Statistics of Virtual Events
Due to this pandemic situation, Virtual events have been taken place everywhere in the world and become the talk of technology.

So, Here we come up with few interesting stats on virtual events usage. Have a look.

  1. Virtual events have grown a lot, the worldwide digital activities marketplace has predicted to reach $774 Billion value by 2030.
  2. The presence of attendees has reached greater than 86% as compared to In-person meetings.
  3. Recent statistics say that 80% of individuals use online events for academic purposes.
  4. 67% of companies are using of online events platforms to host virtual conferences, online meetings, and more.
  5. Because of the success of the present online events, 65% of companies are looking ahead to reinvesting in virtual events.
  6. 30% of commercial enterprises makes use of virtual event management platforms to host their virtual events.